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How Big Data Keeps Cable TV Watchers Interested

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How Big Data Keeps Cable TV Watchers Interested

Let’s explore what cable suppliers are doing with big data to keep people glued to their screens in the digital age.

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The rise of big data and the internet revolution have had massive implications for most of us. From the way we shop to the way we work, the information age has made life a lot easier by opening up a lot of convenient choices that weren’t previously available.

One industry that has been reborn is the world of cable TV and entertainment in general. From streaming services to HD satellite downloads, we’ve never been more spoilt for choice when it comes to ways of watching our favorite shows.

But have traditional services kept up, or are they lost forever? Is your cable connection redundant? And can we expect better entertainment in the future or an endless stream of online reruns? Let’s explore what cable suppliers are doing with big data to keep people glued to their screens in the digital age.

Custom Viewing

Not so long ago our viewing habits were dictated by networks who decided which shows aired at which time, and for a lot of people, the TV schedule dictated the way they lived their lives – just ask fans of the smash hit TV show, Dallas.

Big data gives entertainment channels enough information to not only suggest adverts that appeal to you, but also the freedom to watch shows on your terms. Whether your operator lets you binge watch series that you stream or download box sets, you can set up your entertainment to suit your lifestyle, and that’s a huge step forward.

Add to that the ability to record live TV, schedule recordings, and handpick your channels and it’s clear that data has taken viewing into a whole new era.

Better Quality

When TV was king, network executives had the power to decide what was good enough to be shown and what wasn’t.  Big data has empowered content creators all over the world to get their vision out there and the result is truly exciting home entertainment that would never have made it onto regular schedules back in the day.

The competition among writers and directors sparked by big data means that TV shows need to be really impressive to stand out. Remember that the internet makes your audience global, and you need to impress the entire world to get anywhere. That means better shows that are more accessible.

Entertainment companies have also upped their game when it comes to the packages available. You can transform your cable experience by linking it the internet. Packages often include free downloads, rare box sets, first-to-TV content and extras that are grouped together to help them compete.

The result for you? Better quality programs delivered on your terms.

Improved Technology

As technology improves so does the equipment used to make and view content. The TV itself is a prime example. Cameras have improved and that means better screens. Better screens mean better speakers, and the bottom line is better shows.

The tech improvements of the last few years, such as HD resolution and 3D sound design have benefitted greatly from big data. Directors are pushing our understanding of what should be on TV and what should be reserved for cinemas – just look at epic series like Game of Thrones. A few years ago what we take for granted wouldn’t have been possible, and that’s all because of big data.

Constant Progress

What does this mean for the future of cable?

The growth of big data and online content will not render your technology redundant. Instead, cable companies and content creators alike will be forced to push themselves even further to grab your precious attention.

Keeping up to date with entertainment may prove to be a challenge, though. As technology races along, certain formats and technology may very well be reduced quickly – just like VHS and the Walkman.

The future is standing on a knife edge between companies who are pushing limits to keep fans entertained and an audience that can barely keep up with the rapid rate of technological change in their world. The most successful entertainers will be those who can find some kind of balance and deliver really exciting entertainment to a broad audience of people.

And it’s already started. So sit back, grab the popcorn and get online, because cable is here to stay.

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