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How Big of an Impact Do You Think AI Will Have on Processes in 2018?

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How Big of an Impact Do You Think AI Will Have on Processes in 2018?

The current way that AI complements business processes in the enterprise is a bit chaotic. Hopefully, the coming year will mark a more structured and focused approach.

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There was an interesting discussion initiated by Peter Schoof at BPM.com:

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So? How big of an impact do you think artificial intelligence will have on processes in 2018?

My Thoughts

Artificial intelligence is a multi-dimensional subject area. It can be broadly classified as a blend of machine learning, predictive/adaptive analytics, NLP, text analytics, voice pattern recognition, image analytics, deep learning, graph analytics, robotics, and much more.

The current state of adoption of AI complementing business processes in an enterprise is a bit chaotic with discussions, debates, PoCs, R&D, etc. Hopefully, the coming year will mark a more structured and focused approach.

From a process-impact standpoint, the topics that will make a key difference several years down the line are:

  • Enhanced decision-making strategies
  • Predictive/adaptive analytics
  • Persona-driven solutions
  • Mature robotics process automation (RPA)
  • Development of self-healing processes
  • Inception of machine learning and deep learning model-driven processes
  • Improvised and personalized customer experience with data-fuelled strategies
  • Reduction of OpEx with automated decision-making and self-healing capabilities
  • Hype and marketing around "touchless" or "zero-touch" implementation, i.e. touchless claim processing, zero-touch onboarding, etc.
  • Reduction of contact center overheads with chatbot/virtual assistant implementation
  • AI, IoT, and process interlock will act as a game-changer in certain scenarios
  • BPM products will add yet another capability to their stack as a new feature (be it a homegrown or a plug-and-play model) 


AI implementation is not new for the enterprise in terms of processes — they are already using AI in one form or another (magnitudes may differ). But, yes with all the buzz, it has become a checklist mandate and a parameter for competitive advantage. With new tools and technologies mushrooming every day, AI will strengthen, mature, and proliferate to unlock tremendous value. Things won't change overnight to attain a "nirvana" state; it will be a steady incremental approach with a judicious feasibility study.

In a nutshell, regardless of "getting robots out of the humans (RPA)" or "humanizing robots by adding more cognitive intelligence, the "process" still remains as the hear and pulse of the enterprise ecosystem. An inefficient or weak process design is enough to dismantle the humanized bot.

Artificial intelligence will be the brain of the enterprise, and the business process will remain the heart of the enterprise. 

How big of an impact do you think AI will have on processes in 2018? What's your take?

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