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How Brands Can Apologize Like A Boss

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How Brands Can Apologize Like A Boss

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Even Brands Have To Own It When They Are Wrong

Whether you are a mid-sized business or a big celebrity, when you screw-up you will likely issue an apology. However, apologies from brands doing bad things is so common these days it is hard to take them seriously with their boilerplate wording and false humility. But done well and earnestly they still can be powerful and brand healing.

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I talk with venture capitalist and author Andy Smith, who along with his partner Jennifer Aaker, studied brands and how they fared when saying they’re sorry, and how to align your customer’s brand expectations to make what you say meaningful.

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Interviewed: Andy Smith, @kabbenbock
Co-Author of The Dragonfly Effect, and a Principal at Vonavona Ventures

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