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How to Bring the Power of Big Data to Mobile Customers

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One of the earliest promises of mobile computing was that you could potentially run your business from the luxury of a beach resort.

While the goal has always been to deliver the right data to the right device at the right time, customers in the past have compromised this promise with some type of tradeoff. Perhaps the problem was the inadequate mobile device. Maybe a report could not scale beyond one or two databases, or the analytics were insufficient. Or maybe the issue was that no one had yet built a tool to help create apps that deliver Big Data to smaller, mobile form factors including smartwatches.

We at Actuate are very proud to announce enhancements to our embedded analytics solution with new versions of our BIRT iHub server and BIRT Analytics engine that’s enhanced. The improvements take advantage of the latest software trends such as REST and Hadoop.

Our new versions take advantage of improvements in mobile computing that allow for interactive data to be sent to wearables (like smartwatches) and smartphones. We recognize that wireless networks and ubiquitous connectivity allow all these devices to receive data at near instantaneous speeds.

Here’s how our engineers have improved our tools to help organizations build better data driven apps:

BIRT iHub 3.1 now includes advanced visualization tools that can push Big Data to any mobile device. Developers can embed BIRT content using a REST API. They can also tap into third-party libraries of charts and graphs to increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to code an app by hand from days to hours.

BIRT Analytics 5.0 allows even non-data scientists to analyze billions of rows of data in seconds, and generate actionable and real-time results running as a server on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The software also can help organizations discover hidden insights and patterns for forecasts and predictions for future success.

This all comes at a time when Actuate is circling the globe with our Data Driven Summit 2014. touting the successes of BIRT. Our team of experts is showing off the features of BIRT iHub 3.1, including a demonstration of BIRT reports generated using data from a car’s onboard sensors and sent to a cell phone. We are also showing the advancements of BIRT Analytics 5.0 from the perspective of a marketing executive.

Here is a compilation video of what we are showing.

You can see the embedded analytics demonstration in person at the Data Driven Summit 2014 event in New York on December 3 (register). Actuate customers from various companies and public agencies such as New York City Transit Authority, Elcom, and Dell Services will be on hand as part of the customer panel.

This is a free event that you won’t want to miss. Register today to reserve your space.

Additional information about Actuate’s Embedded Analytics solution is available at www.actuate.com. Follow this conversation on Twitter @Actuate or with the hashtag #DataDrivenSummit.

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