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How can Swift be so much faster than Objective-C?

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How can Swift be so much faster than Objective-C?

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In a post on StackOverflow, the community discusses Apple's announcement of the new Swift programming language and some benchmarks presented to emphasize it's performance capabilities. During the presentation at the WDCC on Monday, Apple used the following graphic:

The original poster posits the question:

It leaves me wondering though: how can a new programming language be so much faster? In this example, surely you just have a bad Objective-C compiler or you're doing something in a less efficient way? How else would you explain a 40% performance increase? I understand that garbage collection/automated reference control might produce some additional overhead, but this much?

Whether it is the result of carefully selected benchmarks to emphasize a point for marketing purposes or an actual indicator of Swift's power as a new player in the mobile development field, the question merits consideration. Check out the conversation on the original post. 

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