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How Checkmarx Is Helping Developers Improve Mobile Security Skills

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How Checkmarx Is Helping Developers Improve Mobile Security Skills

See how one company is expanding Codebashing developer application security training with new interactive mobile security courses.

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Discover how to provide active runtime protection for your web applications from known and unknown vulnerabilities including Remote Code Execution Attacks.

Checkmarx has launched new mobile security courses for developers. The interactive courses include secure coding for Android Java, Android Kotlin, iOS Objective C, and iOS Swift.

There are 9 free courses which can be found here. For each of the languages, there are one or two free exercises in each course depending on how many total exercises are offered. To have access to all the exercises, there is a paid option to upgrade.

The importance of integrating security tests in the software development lifecycle is commonly discussed and widely agreed upon, yet getting developers to write secure code is known to be a challenge. According to the SANS 2016 State of Application Security survey, the lack of application security (AppSec) skills, tools, and methods are top challenges organizations face when implementing AppSec solutions. 

This is due to the fact that security courses are sporadic or otherwise interfere with the developer’s work routine. They oftentimes fail to address the precise challenge and provide an overload of information. As a result, many training sessions and classes are ineffective, lack real-time impact, and are quickly forgotten.

Checkmarx addresses this challenge by offering developers contextual and digestible bite-size training modules, as they are needed when encountering a vulnerability. Furthermore, the training is dynamic and interactive, prompting developers to deliver secure code in just a few minutes of training.

“In a development ecosystem where secure development is required by many regulatory compliances, it is crucial to ensure developer adoption. This is why we came up with a gamified solution that developers will use. By getting developers to deliver code which is secure to begin with, we see faster time to market and a significant reduction in costs,” John Yeo, Co-Founder of Codebashing, a Checkmarx company.

Checkmarx’s Codebashing offering for mobile solves a growing need in secure mobile applications that are often highly vulnerable. The new mobile courses, available today, join Checkmarx’s many on-the-spot, short and interactive secure development modules available for a large variety of coding languages.

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