How Code.org Approaches Testing [Video]

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How Code.org Approaches Testing [Video]

Learn about how Code.org’s small engineering team approaches automated testing throughout their entire product development cycle.

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We teamed up with Sauce Labs and Code.org for a tour of Code.org’s continuous, automated cross-browser testing suite, which is newly integrated with CircleCI. In this webinar, Brian discusses how Code.org’s small engineering team approaches testing throughout the product development cycle, including a suite of cross-browser tests using Sauce Labs that now run for every single commit an engineer pushes to their feature branch.

If you couldn’t make it or you’d like to revisit the engaging and entertaining presentation, you can watch the video of the entire webinar on-demand now.

About the Webinar

Tests for Every Branch: Using CircleCI and Sauce Labs to Continuously Test CS Curriculum at Code.org

Brian discusses the evolution of Code.org’s testing suite, how his team is eliminating the daily pain of manually tracking down “who broke what when,” and the lessons learned along the way.

Bonus: Brian shares a selection of actual bugs found from the Code.org Bug Collection, hopefully answering the question, “is it really worth testing cross-browser?” once and for all (spoiler alert: yes, yes, a thousand times yes!).

What you’ll learn:

  • What Code.org’s open-source automated testing stack looks like and the tough lessons learned from two years of building out and maintaining a growing test suite.
  • How to speed up your cross-browser UI tests targeting Sauce Labs and run them for every single commit.
  • What Continuous Integration with CircleCI, visual testing with Applitools, and cross-browser Selenium tests on Sauce Labs look like for their open source curriculum under active development.
  • Tips and tricks for getting your project up and running smoothly on CircleCI, targeting multiple browsers through Sauce Labs.
  • A Q&A session after the presentation brings some user questions to the forefront of the conversation.

Have questions for Lev and the CircleCI team about something from the webinar? Join the discussion with thousands of users on our Community Forum or reach out to us personally. We’d love to hear from you!

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