How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites?

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How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites?

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 All you readers would agree to a simple and accepted logic - the faster your e-commerce store – the faster is your conversion rate. The BuiltWith portrays it clearly that shopping websites’ owners are substantial Magento users. This also is an indicator that this platform’s extensions and themes really work – effectively. So how to deal with speed issues of your Magento website – because that is the ultimate goal. Every site owner would want their Magento site to run faster to make more conversions that would result in enhanced ROI.

You, as a site owner or developer, can achieve Magento speed up in two different ways:

  • Speed Up Magento website without Advanced Technical Skills
  • Speed Up Magento website with Technical Expertise

In this twin article series article write-up, we will check out the ways and means of speeding up your e-commerce website based on Magento platform. At times spending money for everything is not necessary – so how about if we start with the simplest way to speed up Magento without advanced technical skills. 

Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites

Flat Categories and Products

It is all about enabling flat categories and products. If you have been taking interest, or had shown interest, while your website was designed and developed on Magento – you would know well that Categories and Products features are all located in separate database tables and they are sorted by datatypes. It means all the ‘flattening’ enable of collecting all features in a single table for Magento retrieve. So in this case, if your e-store is offering 1000 plus products – the efficiency has to be and will be considerable.

Merge CSS and JavaScript Files

You can go ahead to merge CSS and JS files. Any site that operates on Magento platform can have a number of CSS and JavaScript files, and more of them or rather most of them may appear due to the extensions and customizations. So I strongly recommend merging all CSS and JavaScript documents into one file that would lead to faster page loading.

Enabling Compilations

Upon enabling compilation – it will take all the active scripts in Magento’s core structure and put it on the front. In case updates – code modifications or extensions are needed, compilations should be disabled immediately to avoid unforeseen errors to enhance the website speed. This would in turn provide you with an opportunity of overriding and extending Magento to your favorite content. You compile all files of a Magento Installation, to create a single include path for enhanced site performance. Official Magento team is of the opinion that 25% to 50% of the cases where compilation was enabled, the performance improved significantly. One should not forget that EAV model is a good selection when it comes to higher extensibility, but it brings in slower SQL requests.

Selecting an Appropriate Host

The technology has advanced in a manner that even a person with least experience will be in a position to choose a host that will offer increased Magento benefits. Go ahead to select one of the hosts that could help you reduce the hustle-bustle for Magento users. Strong recommendation is to opt for optimized servers to gain “Unique” IP-address and SSL certificates for “Separate” stores.

Cache Management

You can go ahead to incorporate certain extensions within Magento’s config file, to add up to aforementioned tricks to speed up Magento. Apart from these, there are various caching mechanisms available; it is not at all advisable to install them without certified specialists. Though we try and do these, the maximum effect can and will be achieved only when native Magento caching is used with several other techniques including Varnish and APC cache – simultaneously.

In this article we saw how to speed up Magento without Advanced Technical Skills, and make your online store operate faster. Depending on the cause, investing in website development may give you results – desired and deserved. Just stay with us to discover more options to speed up Magento Project with Technical Expertise in the next and last part of this twin article series.


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