How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites Part 2

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How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites Part 2

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In the previous article of this twin series, we checked out on some of the ways to speed Up Magento website without Advanced Technical Skills. Here in this write up we would check out as to how could one speed up Magento website with help of Technical Expertise.

So let’s start with:

Clean Database Log

Cleaning the database log is something that needs immediate attention. You know how a huge database could be a barrier to your Magento’s enhanced performance. It is no fun keeping or storing a database that you have never used – and less chances of using it in future as well. Spend that required half an hour to clean up the database logs for optimized results.  Due to the tracking mechanism a lot of useless information automatically gets stores, however; through improvements in this module you can make more memory available for use. This kind of maintenance activities need to be carried out at regular intervals.

Distributed Memory Object Caching Systems

Basic settings of Magento enable catching your data by utilizing files or databases. Distributed memory object caching systems along with PHP accelerators are meant for advanced users only. It may give you a tough time to reach out to a point without the assistance of a hosting provider or a professional Magento developer – per say. I am of the opinion that if you somehow manage to master this trick – the increased speed of your online store is likely to take you to cloud 9.

Configuration of MySQL

Default settings will always be there for you, however; by following Hi-TechOS recommendations, would certainly help you to change server’s MySQL settings in order to use increased amount of operative memory of your server.

Optimize your content and Images

Your audience is able to find your content quicker than competition – one more feather in your hat. Content distribution network is the feature capable of storing copies of your site at geographically diverse data centers, empowering your audience to reach out to your site - faster. Image optimization is also one of the essentials here, so ensure your images meet the desirable sizes and pixels. Consider file formats as well (PNGs are recommended for graphics). You can also reduce the count of fonts used on a page. Remove all the unused – outdated – duplicate content and components from the site. You can also create a template for frequently applied images like buttons and icons as it eases the work by saving load time. Create a content that is viewable on any screen irrespective of its size and resolution – this also would speed up both – your website and your Mobile site.

Permit Data Compression

This also would work to be one of those tricks to speed Up Magento website with Technical Expertise, archive the transmitted data before sending it to the client’s server. This would allow you to reduce the bandwidth applied and as a result of which the speed of connection between the server and the client is bound to increase. Simply saying – permitting data compression will reduce number of data packets sent, ultimately resulting in lesser download time at the same speed of internet connection.

Loading Sequence for HTTP

Upon rewriting HTTP loading sequence you are pushing back all the content that is not required to start rendering the page. This will make your website operate faster by all means in all settings and all connections, may it be stable or unreliable – slow or fast. If I have to explain it categorically – it allows loading only visible content first – deferring interactive features – while loading non priority scripts in the end. Just ensure that all 3rd part assets are loaded asynchronously.


  • Caching
  • Content optimization (i.e. images and fonts)
  • Magento configuration
  • Resources compression
  • Server environment and database configuration

Optimizing your Magento is the best way to enhance the performance of your online store to get faster conversions – get new and loyal customers, which reflect in the ROI. It will be a sadistic approach to let go amazing functionalities that Magento has to offer – just because of the slow speed – that one can certainly improvise with these handy tricks. Please feel free to add on to it if I have missed out something.

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