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How To Deploy to OpenShift from Your Tablet via DropBox

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How To Deploy to OpenShift from Your Tablet via DropBox

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Very few physical devices are cooler than a tablet, and very few concepts are neater than the cloud.

Besides the form factor coolness factor, tablets can be convenient and practical -- especially when you don't need to input a ton of data.

For the developer, this means: change a few things, then deploy.

Sometimes these changes don't come while you're in front of your serious development machine. Say you're at your favorite coffee shop, reading Anna Karenina on your iPad, sipping your favorite double espresso -- and suddenly you realize that you only need to query that database once, not one time on every loop. Write this down, and edit later? or shuffle some code on your tablet, and deploy right away?

Not a complex task, but does involve a few indirect steps, so consider looking over this guide by Max Rydahl.

You'll need Dropbox and Hazel if you want to follow Max's instructions to the letter. But you should be able to adjust easily, in case you don't. 

The steps are simple:

  • Setup DropBox
  • Setup Hazel
  • Add 'short-cut' scripts
  • Edit & Deploy via iPad

So finish your coffee, and finish your deployment right from your not-serious-development tablet machine.


Source: https://community.jboss.org/community/tools/blog/2011/12/28/deploy-to-openshift-with-an-ipad 

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