How Developers Became the Belle of the DevOps Ball

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How Developers Became the Belle of the DevOps Ball

What's preventing teams from adopting DevOps? The answer appears to be a lack of developers who know their stuff.

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By now it is clear to most businesses that implementing DevOps into their company culture can result in a significantly improved product development rate with fewer bugs and faster turnover time. This realization has provided more opportunities for making the switch to DevOps, but recently organizations have been struggling to do so. The reason for this is not the lack of will or resources, but rather the lack of skilled developers, designers and other IT staff.

In a recent survey in the DevOps Report 2016, 31% of participants claimed that a lack of developers and designers was preventing them from building the ideal DevOps setup, while 28% claimed that programmers, coders, and database administrators are similarly difficult to find.

As a result, companies with DevOps already implemented have encountered problems hiring individuals for new positions. Many organizations even had difficulties finding suitable replacements for existing roles. There are plenty of technically able job-seekers, but the dearth of technicians who also understand how to work in a DevOps setting is limited.

One method being used to attempt to find new employees is mass hiring that eventually leads to mass-firings – save for the few who make the DevOps cut. This method is inefficient and costly, but, for many companies, the need for workers outweighs the expense, time, and legal work necessary for acquisition and departure.

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The survey did provide some promising looks into the future, however. DevOps is being adopted more than ever before and thousands of companies are successfully implementing DevOps with thousands more to follow. The workforce is now being trained while in school and the lack of appropriate candidates should begin to drop as DevOps becomes more ingrained into the mind and spirit of the developer community.

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