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How Developers Can Optimize Different Apps in the App Store

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How Developers Can Optimize Different Apps in the App Store

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For successful iOS developers, App Store optimization  (ASO) is as crucial as creating a winning application. ASO refers to a process which consists of steps to enhance the visibility of your application in the App Store. Just as a website has to be optimized for search engines, an application has to be optimized for App Store.

For optimizing for App Store, larger apps development companies, having a high budget, have an edge over emerging developers. This is because of the finance factor. Such large companies can spend abundantly on user acquisition while launching new applications. However, apps developers can still go for organic competition by adopting a unique approach towards app store optimization. In this post, I am going to define some steps which can be undertaken by apps developers for App Store optimization, without the need to spend on user acquisition.

Guidelines for the Product:

  1. Developers should mainly emphasize on creating a quality product. They must concentrate on creating an application which is useful for people and they are likely to recommend this application to their relatives and friends. Word-of-mouth works a lot in this smart phone and social media dominated era.
  2. Customize your application as per the requirement of the users while quitting your own perspective. Pay an ear to users' concerns and ideas right from the outset. You can add or remove the features as per the user feedback or suggestions.
  3. When it comes to application quality, it must be superior to all other apps on the store.
  4. Communicate with users via e-mail so that you can reply to their queries or concerns. This satisfies a customer and gets your application a good review. User feedback must be constantly used to improvise your application.


  1. Application description: Descriptions of your application must be short yet informative. They must convey the main features of your application and the benefits it delivers to users.
  2. Ratings: Make use of reviews or ratings of your application to enhance your description. It gives a sense of credibility to prospective users.


  1. While arriving at keywords, it is essential to consider what words your potential application users will be using for search.
  2. Take others opinion about the words they would enter if they were trying to find your application. This can be useful input for generating keyword ideas.
  3. Tracking your metrics every time you update your keywords can be very useful. Keep updating the metrics as per the performance of keywords.


  1. One of the most imperative factors determining visibility of your application is its screenshots. Ensure that the screenshots are attractive and colorful for the target audience.
  2. Just like keywords, you should keep updating your screenshots. Making use of analytics you can trace well performing screenshots.

iOS App Store:

Once your Application is Ready to be Launched on the iOS Store you must Ensure the Following:

  1. A succinct and easy-to-pronounce name
  2. A powerful tagline - The tagline must not only attract the attention of the users but should also be informative. You may change your taglines as per your application's metrics.

Ways to get 5-star Rating for Your Application:

Never ask your users to give a rating your application just when the user has opened the application. To get rating you must consider the time when your user is most likely to be happiest after using your application. For instance, in a game application when a user achieves a goal or completes a level, they will be the happiest. You must design your application in such a way that at the end of a specific level, your application asks for user's rating. This helps a lot in getting ratings from users.

When it comes to asking questions, the following questions can be asked.

Whether you are a successful developer with a number of applications running successfully on the store  yet wishing to monetize your apps or a new developer wishing to gain visibility on the AppStore, optimizing an application for the store is an essential step towards performing well on the iOS store. Follow the steps, mentioned in this post, will definitely help developers create quality apps and gain maximum from the application.

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