How DevOps Is Transforming the World of Software Development

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How DevOps Is Transforming the World of Software Development

Get a basic overview of how the adoption of DevOps practices is propelling a new generation of software development.

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DevOps, as we all know, it is the word on the lips of every software enthusiast around the world. DevOps has come a long way and is taking center stage in the world of software development.

What Exactly Is DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural methodology in which professionals are groomed to adapt to a new and emergent environment in software-powered organizations. Teams are trained to follow a specific set of rules, steps, and tools to achieve success in DevOps. When it comes to DevOps adoption, having the right attitude, employing the proper tools, and learning the stages of the DevOps cycle are imperative.

Why Companies Need DevOps

With the ever emerging and changing technology trends, there is stiff competition, and every company wants to thrive and outrank their competitors. Companies want to release features to the market as soon as possible. At the same time, they want to fail and learn as fast as possible to gain real insights on what works and what doesn't. This can be done quickly through DevOps. DevOps involves agile practices and eliminates bottlenecks, making software delivery as smooth and easy as possible. Hence, every software-powered company nowadays needs to embrace DevOps.

The biggest problem for companies when it comes to DevOps is struggling to scale their CI/CD with a fragmented toolchain approach that hinders the scalability and causes a lack of reusability. Many companies go with an ad-hoc DevOps toolchain approach where they incorporate many manual tasks and irrelevant tools that don't add any value to the business. Recently, digital marketing products company Punchh struggled to scale their CI/CD, however, they found an easy solution to their problem, and now they have improved their customer onboarding, deployments, and CI/CD automation code re-use has gone from ~10% to 95%. You can read the full case study on how they did it here.

How Is DevOps Transforming the Software Development World?

  • DevOps, as we discussed above, eliminates a lot of manual tasks that developers continuously do and gives a boost to the development teams.

  • It enables the teams in the company to interact with harmony and reduces the blame game of "it was working on my machine."

  • Just like any other major tech game changers like IoT, Machine learning, Blockchain, and Big Data, DevOps is also considered a game disruptor.

  • DevOps enables teams to evolve and learn collaboratively. In DevOps practices, you deploy often and automatically with rapid release cycles making things faster.

  • You leverage containers and have microservices architecture. Microservices make things a breeze since a vast monolithic software is fragmented into many pieces, making it less complex and with no dependencies.

What Do You Need to Know About DevOps in Today's Era?

  • The shift of focus to automate everything means automation will be the primary focus.

  • Because of DevOps, testers are expected to learn to code else they are going to vanish soon.

  • Progress is being made in the adoption of microservices architecture.

  • Now, many companies are expected to opt for enterprise versions since they need more capacity.

  • Tools like Kubernetes and Terraform are going to evolve big time.

There is no doubt that DevOps has become mainstream in the software industry and nothing can be achieved without DevOps. We have also seen the rate of DevOps adoption increasing in the year 2018. As a Forrester study says, 2018 is the year of enterprise DevOps.

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