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How Distil Empowers SecOps and Devs to Stop Bots With JavaScript

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How Distil Empowers SecOps and Devs to Stop Bots With JavaScript

New method gives enterprises ability to block bots via Secure CDN, in the data center, on AWS, on proprietary infrastructure, or through JavaScript integration.

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Thanks to Reid Tatoris, Head of Product Outreach at Distil Networks for taking me through the enhancements to its Bot Defense Platform, with the new JavaScript deployment option. By using the JavaScript deployment, SecOps and developers can now choose to integrate the product into their own code with no infrastructure changes required.

Whether through organic growth or through acquisition, large enterprises often have heterogeneous web application technology stacks. This enhancement is the final step in making Distil a 100% deployment agnostic platform to meet organizations’ current and future needs.

“Malicious bot activity is on the rise and becoming more sophisticated. Although the goal for organizations is the same -- to protect themselves from bots responsible for online fraud, web scraping, and brute force attacks -- everyone has a slightly different technology stack with different needs,” said Rami Essaid, co-founder and chief product and strategy officer of Distil Networks. “Distil’s JavaScript deployment of the Bot Defense Platform is a good option for customers that are unable to configure a reverse proxy or don’t want to deploy the solution in-line. With Distil, users can pick their own path and can now literally deploy Distil anywhere.”

Distil offers Bot Defense through the following deployment methods:

  • Secure CDN - Configure through a CDN to speed-up website properties and protect the business from DDoS attacks.

  • Appliance - Deploy in the datacenter as a Layer 7 reverse proxy.

  • Private AWS cloud - Implement in the cloud using Amazon Web Services.

  • JavaScript - Integrate into existing code with no infrastructure changes.

  • On your own infrastructure - Deploy on any cloud service, hosted, or virtual environment. 

“Deploying Distil Bot Defense using JavaScript was fast and simple,” said Frank Lin, CTO of DMD, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. “We were able to start blocking bots in a matter of hours with almost no effort from our engineering team.”

Distil offers an accurate way to defend websites, mobile apps, and APIs against malicious bots -- without impacting legitimate users. By building a fingerprint of each incoming connection, customers have complete visibility and control over human, good bot, and bad bot traffic, while also providing numerous options to mitigate malicious attacks.

To learn more about the Bot Defense JavaScript deployment method, visit: https://www.distilnetworks.com/distil-javascript/

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