How Do Developers Feel About Java and MySQL 6 Months After the Sun Acquisition?

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How Do Developers Feel About Java and MySQL 6 Months After the Sun Acquisition?

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Overall, there seems to be only a slight amount of confidence in Oracle's stewardship of its recently inherited open source technologies like Java and MySQL.  That's my interpretation of Jaspersoft's survey of its open source registrants, which was announced this week.  Looking on the bright side, those doom and gloom predictions about MySQL and other Sun OSS projects seem to be off base.  Except when it comes to OpenSolaris.

Jaspersoft provides "the world's most widely used business intelligence platform."  Jaspersoft was able to poll 518 members of their 130k registered user base when they conducted the survey in the first three weeks of April this year (in the midst of Oracle's MySQL Conference).  The bulk of respondents were in organizations with between 1-1,000 employees (52% from organizations of 1-100 employees).  74% were developers and 13% were IT/sys-admins.  The rest were business users.

Survey Results

Although I think that a lot of MySQL users planned to keep on using it (since it's open source, Oracle couldn't prevent a fork), these stats show more confidence in Oracle than the survey we did at DZone before the acquisition. [http://java.dzone.com/polls/mysql-usage-declining-what-4]

The majority of people in the 5% who left MySQL switched to PostgreSQL.

Jaspersoft's summary interpreted these numbers to mean "More than three quarters of respondents said their use of MySQL would increase or stay the same under Oracle."  You could also say that over half of those surveyed don't believe that Oracle will improve MySQL development and innovation.  Just another way to look at it.  :)

The numbers on MySQL questions seem to show a similar pattern: uncertainty.  More people are in the middle of the road.  Meaning they're either apathetic, or they think the verdict is still out on Oracle's handling of MySQL.  Perhaps more time is needed to see how Oracle is supporting the evolution of MySQL. 

Here's an area where Oracle could definitely improve its standing in the eyes of Java developers.  They should make efforts to improve the JCP, which has been criticized as political and unwieldy under Sun.

I don't think anyone is honestly going to stop using Java because of Oracle.  The language is too deeply embedded in the software industry and it's open source.  Most of the people who said that they would decrease or increase their usage were probably going to do so regardless of Oracle.  The same could be said about question 3.

It looks like Oracle is doing some good things for MySQL, but it should be noted that people's confidence in the company is still wavering because of its handling of many well-known developers.  Many of them have left Oracle, including Java creator James Gosling, who has had a difficult time hiding his disdain for Sun's new management.

The charts in this article were made by Jaspersoft, and can be found in their whitepaper: "The State of Enterprise Open Source Software After the Oracle Acquisition of Sun Microsystems"

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