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How to do Future of Work - The onboarding

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How to do Future of Work - The onboarding

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In a series of posts, I'll try to translate a more or less standard business needs into how I think it could be done with some simple "Future of Work" ideas and tools.

There will not be any "You get in your hovercar and let it drive you to your office on Mars"-type ideas, but easy and actionable things you can start doing tomorrow. This first post will start from the beginning, when a new person in on-boarded. 

"I am a new hire and I need to be on-boarded"

Check your email (yes, you will still have a corporate email account, it's good for a lot of things!). You'll find an invite there to join your new organisations work tool. The first task is to setup your profile with all relevant data such as home address, current phone number, social media accounts and your skill set (formal as well as informal). Based on this information, you'll later get suggestions on who to follow, both internally in the work tool and externally on social media.

But now it's time to actually get going with the on-boarding. You check your calendar on the work tool and see that you have two sessions after lunch, one with the chief collaboration officer and one with a customer of your new company. The first one with the collaboration officer is optional, and you see that she's written in the agenda that it's up to you if you'd like to explore the collaboration opportunities yourself or get a human run-through from the CCO. 

In your chat inbox you find an automated message from CompanyBOT asking you to click a link. The link takes you to a simple game. In order to get through the game you need to find certain information in the work tool. You find names of colleagues and the relevant information needed to answer the questions correctly.

After you've completed the game you get a notification that you now have a "Search Master" badge on your profile page. You start getting notifications that a lot of your new co-workers "Like" your progress and your latest achievement. Your colleagues comment and are impressed that you're getting started so fast. You have only met 5 of them in real life yet, but 50 people already liked your profile and someone even commented that they need your skill set and would like to meet for coffee later this week. 

The customer meeting that you're scheduled to have in the afternoon is approaching. You read up on the customer and all the interactions between them and the company in the work tool, since everything is there. You learn a lot about them and about the people that you're talking to this way, since every piece of information is transparently shared. 

In the online video meeting initiated from the work tool, the customer asks you a question about a product. You have no idea what the answer is. You confess this to the customer and they laugh a bit and understand that it is your first day. But using what you've learned during the day, you search the work tool "How can I use the X on Product Z?"

You find a comment thread where five of your new colleagues discuss the problem and finds a solution. You say to the customer that you might have found the answer to their question and after hearing it they're happy to try "your" suggestion. You add the link to the comment thread and what the customer said to you as a comment to the customer card on the work tool so that everyone else who happen to talk to the customer knows what's been going on afterwards.

After just one day on the job, you feel inspired and empowered to solve problems going forward.

How would your perfect onboarding look and feel like? Feel free to share in the comment section below. 


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