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How Do We Measure Maturity In Software?

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How Do We Measure Maturity In Software?

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When I saw a post by Jeffery Palermo entitled “Is Classic WebForms More Mature Than ASP.NET MVC?” I immediately thought “Aha! I know exactly what he means!" And then I read his article and realized that while the post was good, it wasn’t at all about what I thought it was going to be.

In his article Jeffery talks about the platform and the tools which are still in place from “classic” asp.net as a means of showing that all we are doing is really just switching out the top layer software abstraction. We still have this proven, reliable, robust base that is underneath running the whole thing. And trust me, I completely agree with this sentiment. What I thought he was going to point out though is a slightly different scenario, and it requires us to narrow down a bit our definition of what exactly “mature” software is.

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