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How do you crowdsource using Jive?

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How do you crowdsource using Jive?

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A group of 3,000 ordinary citizens, armed with nothing more than an Internet connection, is often making better forecasts of global events than CIA analysts. Read the whole thing here.

A more famous experiment conducted way back in 2001 that demonstrated the 'power of us' was the NASA Click Workers project. After ordinary people had contributed NASA scientists estimated the accuracy of their data submissions was indistinguishable from a geologist with 15 years experience.

Although he is not well known, Jean Francois Noubel, a specialist in collective intelligence once said: The future of a company is less about the nature of its issues and more about its capacity to invent social structures able to solve them. Cemex is one of the most notable examples of the use of crowdsourcing and decision making in the enterprise.

Being new to Jive, how can it be used for this kind of collaboration?

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