How Do You Know You Are Doing Scrum Right?

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How Do You Know You Are Doing Scrum Right?

Scrum is certainly one of the most well-known Agile methodologies, but how can you really know if you are doing Scrum right?

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Scrum is one of the most well-known Agile methodologies. One of the main priorities of Scrum Masters is to keep their teams focused and ensure that Scrum works effectively and efficiently. How do you know if you are doing Scrum right?

Is Scrum Only About Sprint and Velocity?

Scrum, the iterative and incremental Agile software development methodology, is a great choice for managing product development, define development strategy and enable development teams to achieve goals. How to measure efficiency is always a question–what quantitative and qualitative metrics to use.

The sprints, PSPI, and velocity are good indicators to tell you how your team is progressing. Whatever product is under development your team will first create a potentially shippable product increment for each sprint. Potentially Shippable Product Increment (PSPI) tells you if all the work that needs to be done for that sprint was done or not.

Velocity is another simple and powerful method to measure team performance. Velocity shows the average of delivered features and work per iterations. It is simply calculated by adding up the delivered features, user stories, requirements or backlog items per iteration.

Other useful metrics to look at include:

  • User stories planned vs. user stories delivered to see our planning efficiency.
  • User stories delivered vs. user stories accepted to see the quality of our deliverables.
  • Defects are found during development or after the release.
  • (Sprint) Burndown chart shows the work left to do versus time in a graphical form.
  • Epic and Release Burndown shows the progress of development at a larger scale than the (sprint) burn down chart.

The reason to measure teams is not only to see how effectively they work but how to improve their work, processes, and business values.

What Does Delivering Business Value Actually Mean?

Which team is better, if Team A delivers three product backlog items each sprint and Team B does five product backlog items, and your client is happy with both of them since both are delivering value. Business value often means how much something i.e. bug fixing or feature developing is worth to a company. To be capable of measuring the business values, the Product Owner, stakeholders, and team should determine what business value is. If you do not define the meaning of business value, you cannot set targets to achieve and success criteria.

Many organizations use the following business values to measure productivity:

  • Time to market.
  • Increase in customers satisfaction.
  • Ability to innovate.
  • Increase in average usage time.
  • Increase in revenue.

What is value for one person may not be for another. Our best advice is to first understand how clients define business values to be capable of meeting them.

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