How do you Like to Collaborate? Take our Survey!

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How do you Like to Collaborate? Take our Survey!

Open source revolutionized software development. Collaboration and sharing are de facto ways to work with code. Take the survey to tell us other ways devs like to collaborate, share and learn.

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Open source has revolutionized how software is developed. Collaboration and sharing are de facto ways to work with code.

How else do developers like to collaborate, share and learn? Those are just some of the questions we’re asking in our second annual State of the Developer survey. Take this 5-minute survey to help us better understand how you like to learn, what your hurdles are to being more productive and what companies can do to make the developer experience better.

Here are a few other things we learned last year about how developers like to learn: 

  • The vast majority of developers like tutorials for learning new skills. But it isn’t the only content form that wins them over. Blog posts (74%), short articles (66%), videos (61%), and books (57%) are popular. 
  • Many developers also look to white papers and ebooks (46%), Q&A (41%), SDKs (35%), and case studies (30%). 
  • Our surveyees weren’t as enthusiastic about podcasts (18%), infographics (16%), or social channels (10%). Save those channels for other marketing efforts.

Here’s some of the interesting things we learned from our survey about what developers think hinders productivity:

  • Two-thirds (66%) suggest that maintenance of legacy systems and technical debt is the issue.
  • Half the group (49%) point to leadership’s prioritization of projects and tasks.
  • Forty percent cite a lack of skilled talent.
  • And 24% mention “building custom technology.”
  • The majority of developers (60%) read blogs for this information. The chart below shares some of the other ways developers like to receive information designed to help them learn about a new feature.
We also discovered what we kind of expected. When you have a technical problem, you like to research and solve it yourself. Three-fourths of those surveyed (77%) say they are self-reliant. Twenty percent seek out developer colleagues whether from their own organization or a developer community. Only 3% turn to technical support at the software vendor.

Is that still true today? Take our survey to help us understand.

Take the survey.  

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