How Do You Work With Large, Heterogeneous Data Sets? [survey w/prize drawing]

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How Do You Work With Large, Heterogeneous Data Sets? [survey w/prize drawing]

Chances are you process more data than Excel can handle. We want to know how you're doing it.

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We're not sure what 'big data' means either, so we're going to find out. Our aim in this survey is to learn how developers are actually working with large, fast, and heterogeneous datasets. The survey addresses several levels in the data storage, processing, and analytics stack, from dataset sizes to distributed workload topologies to machine learning frameworks and algorithms.

Your answers will help developers, testers, and managers understand how these tools and techniques are working for the software engineering community at large, and may also help toolmakers and service providers offer features that will serve developers' needs better.

Partial results of this survey will be published in this year's Guide to Big Data: Storage, Processing, Integration, and Intelligence (last year's edition here). Additional analysis will appear here on DZone.com and (if we make it through peer review!) in academic journals on software and data engineering.

By completing this survey you will also be entered to win a GoPro, Bose Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, or an iPad Mini. (Sure, you'll also benefit humanity by sharing your expertise with the global software engineering and data science community..but a GoPro is pretty cool too.)

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