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How Much Does Caching Matter in JS?

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How Much Does Caching Matter in JS?

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Caching plays a very important role on both the client and server side. I tried to do a little test with benchmark.js, and caching proved to increase performance remarkably. In fact, the cache-less query was 98% slower than the cached query! Cache has its limitations with live objects, but it's worth a timely cache update in that case.

Below is the simple test code and some numbers from the test:

<div id="docs">
  Benchmark.prototype.setup = function() {
    var divs = document.querySelectorAll('div#docs')
    var cache = {get: {'divs': divs}};

Test code:



document.querSelectorAll('div#docs').length => 135,809 (ops) 98% slower.

cache cache.get.divs.length => 8,212,190 (ops) 0.99% faster.

Do let me know if you find a better way of speeding things up!

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