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How Does it Feel When You're Virtually Here?

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How Does it Feel When You're Virtually Here?

VR is really hot, and not just in the gaming world. It's hitting the mainstream, with publications like the New York Times hopping on board.

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For those of you that have been following the latest VR technology and wondering what regular (non-geeky) people might think about it these articles might be of interest. A couple days ago I wrote a short piece about the Google Cardboard that the New York Times gave free to all of their home delivery customers: Virtual Reality Out of the Newspaper and into the Mainstream. It provided an interesting peek at where the "gray lady" might be headed. Another very interesting piece came out in the HUFFPOST TECH in conjunction with the new Samsung Gear VR. It presents the short, concise, emotional first impressions of putting on a high-quality VR headset. Note, these are not tech people by any stretch of the imagination. The article does not tell you about APIs or how to program for VR, but it does give a very powerful view of how these regular people felt about the experience and what they immediately knew they wanted more of. I found the dozen or so people's reactions to be compelling and from my perspective as a developer, very educational. If you're planning to develop anything for VR, then you should take a look at their reactions. Think of them as a treasure map.

The article is "What It Feels Like To Use Next-Level Virtual Reality" by Damon Beres.

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