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How Does Network Security Impact the Success of Cloud Computing?

With a rise in cybercrime, cybersecurity​ is even more necessary. Here's a look at the impact of network security on the cloud sector.

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Today majority of the medium and larger global enterprises are embracing cloud computing and significantly simplifying their business critical processes.

ESG research on rapidly evolving cloud computing states that 67% of the global enterprises are using private or public cloud infrastructure to support their data computing needs and 66% of them are using one or the other SaaS platform applications.

With the growing prominence of cloud computing in global marketplaces, enterprises from widely varied business sectors which include healthcare, banking, retail, finance, and industrial manufacturing are getting inclined towards the cloud. These enterprises are keenly evaluating the value addition and benefits that cloud brings to their organization.

Despite its rapid evolution, some enterprises are still reluctant to adopt cloud for their data computing needs due to the security concerns. Industry experts state that there are significant security concerns that make some banking and financial enterprises less willing to adopt cloud.

Banking and finance companies who operate under strict regulatory authorities are more concerned about the data security as the probability of getting their sensitive and confidential data into nefarious hands is high with cloud computing.

Recent studies on cloud adoptions revealed that some enterprises that are keen to move their data onto cloud are not sufficiently prepared or have required tools, processes, and information security skills.

ESG research questioned cybersecurity professionals working at various enterprise organizations about the role of visibility, automation, skills and resources in ensuring cloud computing security.

The study revealed that 60% of the cybersecurity professionals agreed that the processes and network security operations are not sufficiently automated to support cloud computing in their organization. They agree that their network security is not capable enough to cope up with cloud method of data computing.

Responding similarly to the question about security policies, 60% of the cybersecurity professionals agreed that their enterprises are still learning about security policies that ensure required security levels to their cloud infrastructure.

Nearly 50% of the cybersecurity professionals have agreed that other aspects such as network security controls, staff levels to manage cloud infrastructure network security, lack of visibility into cloud workloads, cybersecurity skills shortage are among the big challenges that enterprises need to work on. When these challenges are addressed efficiently with proper staff, processes and tools enterprises moving on to cloud reap huge business benefits from the cloud and add significant value to their overall business performance.

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