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How Embedded Analytics Can Enhance Your Mobile Application and Add Business Value

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How Embedded Analytics Can Enhance Your Mobile Application and Add Business Value

This article aims to help you understand embedded analytics and how it can benefit both developers and the app's users.

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When business owners create mobile or desktop applications for their business, it usually generates a huge amount of data both from user inputs and also from the information that it gathers from various processes. Now the point is that, if your application can really use this data collected from various sources in a way that can add value to the users, your business application will definitely become stickier, which means more traffic and leads in such a competitive market.

The prime difference between a popular app and the one that fails is the value that they offer to the customers. And in order to offer the maximum value, business brands are moving to integrate embedded analytics in their mobile application development. The main reason for the success of such apps is that they work with the data around and give the users the power of data analysis.

Understanding Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics can be described as the integration of Business Intelligence and some predictive capabilities directly into the business application. Interactive reporting or proactive alerting within a CRM, intranet solution or mobile app is a good example. It is basically used by the users to create or review reports without having to open any other application or portal. It is only by seamlessly unifying powerful analytics that users can gain insights to act promptly and also optimize the outcomes.

How Mobile Applications With Embedded Analytics Benefit the Customer

Complex information can always be presented visually through embedded data visualizations. The data are collected that users generate and then made visible in the form of pie charts, graphs, pictures, maps and etc. This helps the users to easily view data and also gather insights real time. Users mostly expect their applications to work smarter and help to make better decisions.

The B2B Market

When an organization develops a task management app, it shows how the end users spend their time in the office. It is through effective visualizations that the app offers deep insight on how the time can be better managed to enhance productivity. A simple chart or graph can easily tell them the unproductive areas where they are investing their time.

In-House Business Applications

Your integrated dashboard can gather data from your ERP or CRM systems and provide the users with the information that they need to make business decisions quickly without having to go through various other applications.

The Consumer Market

Take, for example, a fitness app always tells someone about the calories that they have burned today after an exercise schedule and that is much more motivating. The more data your application offers to your users, the sticker your application becomes as the user will find everything he or she wants and will less likely to switch to any other app.

Why Is It Important to Embed Embedded Analytics in Your Mobile Application?

Focus on New Revenue

Integrating embedded analytics in your mobile apps allows you to focus on your core competencies and not just report building. It helps to bring faster time to market, bring competitive advantage and also generate revenues in different streams.

Simplify Apps With Reduced Code

Using embedded analytics helps to reduce complex reporting codes and also replace various crucial data with even the most modern APIs. Whether you are releasing a commercial software or any internal application for your employees, analytics always help to solve the adoption challenges.

Offer the Best Reports Without Extra Development Work

You can easily delight your customers or users by creating some of the best reports and dashboards in your mobile app and this will add value to both your business and also to the applications. Since a successful application always starts with a great user experience, it contributes highly to revenue growth also.

Use of Modern Data Platforms

In today’s time, the speed and availability of data are unprecedented. With every data set having the possibility of getting tapped, combined with others to yield business insights, the challenges of offering powerful insight are huge and offering solutions are a must for a successful business application. This puts the required insights in the user’s fingertips instead of the users having to switch to a standalone analytics tool.

Thus, in a nutshell, interactive reporting and embedded dashboards and analytics inside your mobile app will empower your users to gather deeper insight into the application data.

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