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How Emerging Technologies Are Shaping the Workplace

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How Emerging Technologies Are Shaping the Workplace

As apps like Slack and Skype continue to reshape the way colleagues communicate, development teams continue to use them to become increasingly agile.

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Today's technological world is bringing significant innovations to every aspect of our daily lives. From the health sector advancement with Radiology PACS to shopping online through e-commerce stores at the comfort of your home, technology is making our work more accessible.

Tech innovations are making the line of service delivery easier for different sectors within the business. The transformation process does not end there. More businesses are evolving with the help of emerging technologies to become more agile, competitive, and gain a foothold in their respective industry.

It is evident that technology has remarkably changed the workplace environment, just think about how much more desk-bound people were in the past. Technology has brought a work revolution and thus work can now be done from anywhere, anytime. Traditional ways of doing the job are no longer applicable, and the modern day workplace relies on tech devices or software platforms to carry out operations.

From the use of cloud computing to intelligence analytics, new technologies are changing the workplace scene. And how is this happening? Well, have a look at how the new tech trends are influencing your work environment.

Globalized Communication

Communicating within the organization no longer possess a challenge. Managers can issue orders and instructions to their employees, regardless of the physical distance separating them, with the help of video and web conferencing software. Old meeting areas are now areas for video conferencing. Furthermore, remote employees can access their information from the administration through the internet on their mobile and smartphone handsets. With a million and one options offered, when it comes to communication, the flow of information should not pose a challenge to your business.

Competitive Advantage

The mention of big data might be confusing for some, but the concept is an excellent tool for gaining a competitive advantage. Firms are now employing intelligent software and analytics tools that give the business a capacity for smarter administration. You no longer require piles of files to keep your data. With the help of analytical tools, you can record, save, and analyze your data to glean significant meaning from it. This translates to a more efficient organization of data that helps you make better-informed decisions.

Improved Sustainability

With the world trying to become more environmentally friendly, technology is a sure way to champion this concept. The use of software programs and applications are saving the workplace paper waste and consequently reducing the waste produced by the organization. Migration to cloud-based applications is also helping reduce carbon emissions, which is just one of the financial and environmental benefits.

Increased Flexibility

Since technology is ever-changing, adapting new tech can be a tough task to undertake. As a company, you become agile to grow or shrink the computing resources with regards to demand and supply. The incorporation of new technology means the structure of the business must also adapt. A company that can quickly adjust is safe from the risks of failing due to a rigid structure. Additionally, new technology is creating greater flexibility for employees, with the ability to work whenever and wherever.

Better Collaboration

Never before has the workflow in an organization been so streamlined. Business applications connect different sectors of the business and create platforms that enable the collaborative way of working. Furthermore, the use of pairing devices allows employees to access self-service platforms of the business. A strong correlation between the employee and the company makes it easier to work from different locations or offices.

New roadmaps, more flexible boards, and dozens of new integrations. And that's just the beginning.  

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