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How fast is the Windows Phone 7 Start up???

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How fast is the Windows Phone 7 Start up???

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A video by pocketpc from youtube that is embedded in the blog post with a Windows Phone 7 prototype Device ( LG ) compares the boot up time of different devices like Windows Phone 7 prototype ( LG Panther ), Android , Nexus One and iPhone 4 and HTC HD2.

Good news is that , the the LG Panther ( Windows Phone 7 Prototype Device ) starts up pretty faster than the other devices , especially when compared with the HTC HD2 ( Windows Mobile ) . It starts in about 25 seconds .

Here’s another video on the Windows Phone 7 Bootup

It again features a prototype LG Windows Phone 7 device .

The Windows Mobile Device that i have ( Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 ) takes more than a minute to startup .

Considering this , i feel the Windows Phone 7 is really faster to boot and with the phone still in beta or so .. , i hope they improve this further …

Here’s another nice article on the Behind the scenes: Windows Phone 7 .

The article is about the people who are behind the development of Windows Phone 7 .


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