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How to Find a Point Coordinates Between Other Two Points

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How to Find a Point Coordinates Between Other Two Points

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Theory: Given a segment from point A to point B, our goal is to find a C point coordinates at a specified distance on that segment. 

Let’s say that DT is the distance of the AB segment and D is the distance from point A to point C.
Using the distance formula, we can find the distance from point A to point B:
Now, we can easily find the C point coordinates like this:

That’s it. From Java perspective, the mechanism looks like this:
 package calculatelinepoints;

public class CalculateLinePoints {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // point A coordinates
        double a = 20.0;
        double b = 10.0;

        // point B coordinates
        double c = 50.0;
        double d = 40.0;

        // calculate distance between the two points
        double DT = Math.sqrt(Math.pow((c - a), 2) + Math.pow((d - b), 2));

        double D = 20.0; // distance to point C
        double x;
        double y;
        double T = D / DT;
        // finding point C coordinate
        x = (1 - T) * a + T * c;
        y = (1 - T) * b + T * d;
        System.out.println("Point C coordinates:\n  x: " + x + "\n  y: " + y);


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