How Government CIO's Can Spread Their Wings and Successfully Migrate to the Cloud

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How Government CIO's Can Spread Their Wings and Successfully Migrate to the Cloud

Government organizations are harder than normal to get a migration done on any technology, much less their infrastructure. So how is a cloud migration possible? Several government orgs have already done it.

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“Spread your wings and fly away, Fly away, far away,
Spread your little wings and fly away, Fly away, far away,
Pull yourself together, ‘Cos you know you should do better”.
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Pros and Cons of Cloud Migration

With the Cloud’s potential for automation, cost-efficiency, and scalability, cloud-based applications and services can deliver a tremendous boost to any government agency’s operations. Besides offering a superior solution to the IT difficulties that continue to plague government agencies, cloud-based software opens up new possibilities like Internet connection and web-and-mobile solutions.

There are, however, other problems and concerns that surface with the migration to cloud-based software. Some of these are: a limited number of cloud professionals, difficulties correctly preparing the cloud environment, frustrations in training end-user employees to handle working on the new software, user resistance to change and a temporary increase in user error rates.

Having said this, experts agree that the migration to the cloud is inevitable. IT vendors are increasingly offering ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions for deploying cloud platforms and robust, ready-to-use applications for many areas of business. Implementing the right approach can transform an antiquated, inefficient system into a secure and productive one.

Cloud Migration Checklist

There are a number of best practices that government agencies should follow when beginning the process of migrating their systems to the cloud. What are these best practices? I’ve put together a checklist for you. Government agencies should:

  • Use practical guidelines to speed up successful cloud migration
  • Outline measurable results and migration schedules
  • Pick proven cloud vendors that can guarantee the desired results
  • Implement cloud security to protect users and apps
  • Be selective and pick only the products that will guarantee a significant advantage
  • Include all relevant material for the application to operate properly in the cloud
  • Use fast data transfer methods to complete migration efficiently
  • Consult with legal experts to finalize your cloud migration plan
  • Online Guidance Systems to Ease Cloud Migration

    There are effective tools that can improve the migration process to cloud-based software. One such tool is online guidance, which studies show can drastically ease the cloud migration process.

    Online guidance tools are overlaid onto cloud systems and guide and engage users through any online experience. Step-by-step onscreen guidance is delivered through a sequence of tip balloons that guide users so that they are able to move with confidence through any website or web-based software. Context-intelligent algorithms ensure that the right people receive the right guidance at the right time.  Comprehensive step-by-step guidance is overlaid onto the screen so that users don’t need to call Customer Support or leave the site to watch video tutorials, or read tedious manuals or FAQ pages.

    Online guidance programs are used by a wide range of industries and verticals to increase sales and conversion rates, boost UX, reduce support costs, and improve employee productivity. As one of the leaders in the field, WalkMe’s cloud-based Enterprise Class Guidance and Engagement Platform is a good place to start for companies scouting out tools that can help ease the cloud migration process.

    For more information on the challenges, techniques, and tools for better migration to cloud-based software for government agencies, check out the white paper “Everything Government CIOs Need To Know To Succeed When Migrating To Cloud-based Software”.

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