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How Has Big Data Influenced Video Marketing?

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How Has Big Data Influenced Video Marketing?

A high-level look at the impact of big data on video production and marketing campaigns.

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Statistics and data are always going to influence marketing practices. Analytics show a company what types of consumers are engaging with a campaign and how they are reacting to the marketing campaigns released. More of the world’s population is mobile, making video marketing and social media marketing more relevant and necessary than ever before.

Create Dynamic Marketing Campaigns

The data returned from non-video related content can be used to make video marketing campaigns more dynamic. Including facts in advertisements, rather than in fine-print alone, sinks in with consumers better. Data tells companies what types of consumers are responding and reacting to specific advertisements.

Essentially, it teaches a company how to market itself to different demographic groups and geographical locations for better results in terms of increased revenues and more buzz about the company in social networks.

Bring Attention to Statistics

When creating a video marketing campaign, you can highlight important statistics not only by displaying numbers, but speaking the numbers with a couple of additional details. Audio-visual stimulation resonates with consumers as solidifying a fact, making it more believable. When bringing attention to statistics, make sure that the delivery of that data matches the overall theme of the campaign.

Influences Buying Decisions

Video marketing helps brands display how a product works or shows it in action. Marketing with short demos heavily influences buying decisions. You have to make consumers understand how the product works, why they need it and how it will benefit their lifestyle. Consumers have to see a product as being practical. Showing consumers, the practicality of a product or service through demonstration allows them to visualize using the product in their own lives.

The larger your audience, the more useful to society your brand’s product or service becomes.

Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Video marketing campaigns make big impacts. Small businesses attempting to make a name for themselves locally should take advantage of every opportunity to market using visual media, commercials and short video advertisements. Some business owners may opt to create their own personal video campaign using video editing software on a personal computer. When edited, angled and pitched correctly a campaign like this shows that a local company is personable, professional, compassionate and connected to its local area.

Small businesses should consider publishing a new video campaign each week. Local consumers will look forward to the weekly messages, which boosts your local reputation and helps build local consumer loyalty. This is effective for sustaining the remaining mom and pop shops around the world.

Industry-Specific Trending Data

Data pulled from polling industry-reported statistics, opens the door to market products that are trending in a specific industry a little harder. It is also a prime opportunity to create a video marketing campaign that highlights that product and supporting products that add convenience, efficiency or improved results.

When marketing during periods of high competition during popular trends, it is important that your brand’s approach is different than the competition. Your brand has to stand out on its own, regardless of the superiority of the product being marketed.

Increased Digital Real-Time Marketing Potential

Real-time marketing using social media has become more popular. Companies and organizations can use breaking events, major events, specific holidays and constant blogging to market to a targeted demographic group or its entire audience right on their smartphones using video campaigns to return real-time analytics. These campaigns can be created in-advance with statistical information being added right before the campaign is launched.

Creating this type of campaign is tricky. A brand must promote itself and properly acknowledge the event at the same time. One of the best ways to use a major event, especially a major disaster or tragedy, is to display sympathy with a statement similar to, “{Company Name} sends its thoughts and prayers to those affected by the recent {event}.” A spoken message from a company representative with a display of a still image in the background shows consumers that the brand is compassionate, approachable and aware.

Closing Thoughts

Big data has influenced video marketing on multiple levels. Brands are able to market with visual content to specific locations and demographic groups for the best results possible with a single marketing campaign. Multiple versions of the same campaign can be edited to reach different groups as well. Including statistical information in video form makes a longer lasting impression with consumers than those written in plain text.

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