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How to highlight current page’s top/main navigation link

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This is an easy way to select the current page. Users will know what page there are on.

This snippet is part of my new snippets repository on GitHub:
download it from https://github.com/lordspace/snippets/zipball/master
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I am assuming that jQueryjQuery Cookbook Animal Guide Lindley

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is loaded before that

    add a class to the main nav so we know which page we're on.
    loops through links in a container with class 'app_main_nav' and sets 'app_main_nav_active' class to the current link
    it just compares pages on the top level directory e.g. products.html and NOT /app/prodcts.html
    function app_set_active_page() {
        var cur_file = window.location.pathname;
        cur_file = cur_file.replace(/\?.*/, ''); // rm. params
        cur_file = cur_file.replace(/^.*\//, ''); // rm. leading stuff. leave just the filename
        cur_file = cur_file || 'index.php';

        $(".app_main_nav a").each(function() {
            var cur_lnk_href = $(this).attr('href');
            cur_lnk_href = cur_lnk_href.replace(/\?.*/, ''); // rm. params
            cur_lnk_href = cur_lnk_href.replace(/^.*\//, ''); // rm. leading stuff. leave just the filename

            if (cur_lnk_href == cur_file) {




From http://www.devcha.com/2011/07/how-to-highlight-current-pages-topmain.html

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