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How I share and consume social and digital media

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How I share and consume social and digital media

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I am pretty happy with my current setup for how I consume and share social and digital media. Just the other day I had a quick exchange with Samuel Driessen about FriendFeed and FlipBoard on Google+ which made me reflect on my current setup. As a result I create the illustration below (click to enlarge), which I also showed to a couple of colleagues. They seemed to appreciate it, so it seemed logical for me to share it with you as well. I hope it is self-explanatory. If not - drop me a comment.

I rarely consume social media or any digital media when I'm at work. I do some interaction via Twitter and Google+, but reading and viewing I prefer to do when I have some time over and when there are no other things that fight for my attention, such as in the following situations:

  • Early mornings before the kids are awake. 
  • On the train to work or to a client. 
  • When I'm waiting for someone or something, such as boarding at the airport.
  • When I'm taking a break at work.
  • At home late in the evening.

I mainly consume social and digital media from my iPad and iPhone, and FlipBoard is the app that makes it really easy and enjoyable for me. If you haven't experienced FlipBoard yet, I truly recommend you to try it out.

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