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How iBeacon will Change Location Based Social Media

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How iBeacon will Change Location Based Social Media

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Just as social media changed the world of marketing; it looks like iBeacons could change it again in 2014.

Currently, sitting under the radar to some degree, iBeacons look like they’re set to explode in the coming weeks and months and social media could have a big part to play in their success. So, let’s take a look at how iBeacons and social media could change retail.

Social media has always tried to bring the online offline and anyone who has ever used FourSquare or Facebook places will testify to this. These sites tried to use social media and physical stores together to bring the online offline.

IBeacons big benefit is that it’s an accurate and compelling platform that unlike social media, can offer a whole array of creative uses if programmed correctly and utilised with great app development.

At its Most Basic

Even now, iBeacons are being used for the social media tasks that FourSquare and other means have made a name for themselves with. We’re all very familiar with the idea of checking in or a business asking us to like through a sign or message. However, iBeacons offer more than this.

Apple showcased the power of the iBeacon in its stores only a little while ago. The company sent push notifications as greetings to phones of people who walked into its Apple stores.  IBeacon allows businesses to send push notifications like this, though these could also link to pages where people can Like, Share or Check in with the push of a button. It’s much less effort than the traditional means and can be achieved with one click – a lot easier and more high tech than a window message.

IBeacon is set to fall to around a dollar a beacon by the end of 2014 – so expect to see this technology everywhere soon.


This tech could also be used to encourage people to review or leave feedback. IBeacons have already been used to distribute notes via push notifications at conferences. They could also be utilised at the end of a conference to send feedback, or to leave a review on Google+, Yelp or Facebook.

As these review metrics are increasingly utilised in social media and Local SEO as ranking factors, this could be a great way to encourage people to leave reviews about your product or service. In fact, with a little tweaking iBeacon apps could be used to leave restaurant reviews, reviews of barber, or in fact reviews for any service. And as these reviews and citations help businesses rank, they could be great for companies.

Amazon Offline

Many of us are now familiar with the idea of buying a product online to be met with the chance to share details that we’ve purchased that product with our Twitter Followers. IBeacons could allow this to occur at the checkout. With a little tech knowhow an iBeacon loaded till could send a notification to a phone of the item purchased and this notification could allow a brand the chance to be shared online with the buyer’s friends and followers. It’s a great and simple way to encourage sharing and improve social media engagement.

IBeacons will be implemented in many more ways than this in the social sphere; however these are just some thoughts on how it could be achieved.

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