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How Important Is the IT Manager Nowadays? [Infographic]

With the transition to agile practices and self-organizing teams, does the IT Manager have a place in the office anymore?

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As SaaS takes the business world by storm, the role of the IT manager becomes more and more significant.  But just how significant is it? And do people really understand the complexity that comes with the job?

A recent research campaign asked 750 SMEs across the UK how they perceived their IT manager. Altodigital collected their responses and presented them in the infographic below.

47% of the respondents rated their IT department as among the most important business functions to drive their business forward, compared to finance (44%), admin (35%) and marketing (39%).

When it comes to interaction, 23% said they never contact their IT department with an issue, while 5% said they contact them several times a day.

Almost a further fifth of those questioned (19%) went as far as proclaiming their IT manager a ‘life-saver.’

What we can learn from this infographic is that people have high demands for their company’s IT systems. People want their IT manager to be able to fix problems quickly and to offer support from start to finish, while also having quick response time.

This puts a lot more pressure on this already demanding job, and increases the need for effective user onboarding and task management solutions. Today, the IT manager carries huge responsibilities, and any measures that can be taken to simplify their job will lead to a happier, more productive workplace.

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