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How to Improve Your Facebook Timeline Cover for Conversions

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How to Improve Your Facebook Timeline Cover for Conversions

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One thing that people don’t necessarily think about with their Facebook timeline cover is getting conversions out of it. That’s fine as you are getting started, but at some point it should enter into the equation. You want to take a customer that lands on your Facebook page and guide them to your website and turn them into a paying customer that can make your business money.

As a result, you want to start off with a cover photo that is going to get them headed down that road. So, how do you do that? Well first and foremost it has to do the basic things. It has to get the customers interested in your company. That means it should be eye-catching, so that they don’t wander off of the page in search of something more interesting.

It also needs to be informative, so that they learn something about your company. This is where you need to do two more things. First, you need to get them intrigued enough about your business that they want to read more and find out more about what you offer. Secondly, they need to begin to develop some positive feelings and associations with your company. If you are able to do this, you’ll be well on your way to handling all of the basics so that you can move on to trying to generate sales leads and conversions off of your Facebook timeline page.

Use a Link

You can link your Facebook timeline cover photo to a page, or a tab of your Facebook page, which is something that a lot of people fail to do. It’s an obvious move to take advantage of, because it gives you the chance to begin directing traffic in the direction that you want it to go. While you can’t send users straight to your business page, you can send them to a page where they can get that contact information and take advantage of it. Thus, you need to set up a tab on your Facebook page that has the relevant information.

In addition, it should do more than just provide the link. That is only going to get people who are already interested to click on it. You need to drum up some interest on this tab. Tell them why they need to visit your website and what it has to offer them, then provide them with the link. This will get some traffic to your site, starting from the cover photo, which you can then begin to convert into sales. That’s a valuable result for you, but you’ll never realize it if you are not using the link.

Get the Link Clicked

Next, you need to entice people to click the Facebook cover photo. It’s not a place that people automatically click, so you may want to style it so that it looks like there is a button somewhere within it. You have to be careful not to be too aggressive with the marketing language or the calls to action, based upon Facebook’s guidelines for how to set up a Facebook timeline page. However, you can try to make the image a design that intuitively looks like it should be clicked. Work with a graphic designer to get this done, and it will increase the number of people that get through to the tab with the contact information on it. That, in turn, will send a greater number of people to your website, which should boost the overall number of conversions that you get.

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