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How To Increase Company Social Media Followers

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How To Increase Company Social Media Followers

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Within the last few years, social media has very quickly taken over our every day world.

It has become our main source of communication between friends and family and businesses are jumping onto all outlets as fast as they can. It’s a great way to spread a message or marketing campaign quickly to a large number of people. Many times, it can start a wild fire of communication with ‘friends’ sharing with their friends and so on and so forth. But how do you increase the amount of followers you have in order to maximize your efforts and see some real results?

social_mediaFirst, your account can’t be private. We all have people in our lives that we’d rather not share information with but it’s just something you will have to get over if you truly want to be available to the masses. There are ways to hide your true identity so that your social media accounts don’t pop up in Google should someone try to find you that way. You can use an alias or abbreviation to avoid that happening. It’s next to impossible to gain followers on a private account because anyone who stumbles on your page won’t know anything about you or your brand. They won’t be able to read any information and will be stuck making a judgment call based on a picture and brief description.

Also, on twitter and Instagram, a great way to earn more followers is by ‘hash-tagging’. Creating a hash-tag means you take a popular buzzword or phrase and put a ‘#’ in front of it. These hash-tags are searchable so other users can find accounts and content that is similar to what they are posting. Private accounts can create hash-tags but they won’t be visible to the public. You should hash-tag any relevant keywords and even your city if you want to connect with the locals.

Another great way to build more followers/friends/fans is to seek some out yourself! Follow hash-tags or look for accounts that post content that you find interesting. ‘Re-tweet’ (resend) some of their content to get them to notice your account. Interact with other users and encourage open dialogue and communication. Consider posting giveaways and contests to encourage more people to join you as a follower or share your account and content with their friends.

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