How Is DevOps Surviving Corona?

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How Is DevOps Surviving Corona?

In this short editorial, we take a look at how and why businesses that are practicing DevOps are having more success in the middle of COVID-19.

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All around the world, Coronavirus is upending businesses and enforcing shutdowns. The IT industry, on the other hand, is stronger than ever and the demand for the DevOps market is rising; why is this the case?

Many governments issued mandatory work-from-home policies due to the spread of COVID-19. As a result, virtual communication tools and online platforms became an everyday necessity. Digital businesses that had integrated some elements of the digital transformation in their organization models continued providing services to their customers. But other non-digital businesses were not immune to the repercussions of this pandemic. Therefore, what guaranteed the survival of a business was its ability to carry out a digital transformation. 

This reality made a lot of businesses aware of the importance of a digital transformation and the role of DevOps in that process. That’s why DevOps is a nonstop movement that cannot be impeded by the coronavirus.

This pandemic has not only impacted people’s health, but it has affected businesses in different ways. Many people are now unemployed. However, there seems to be a direct relationship between how digital a business is and its flexibility in times of crisis. For instance, the demand for online shopping has increased dramatically. This can be seen as a great opportunity for businesses that are already prepared for such demand. 

When a business is fully automated with a correctly implemented software, it is very easy to scale it up or down based on the demand. Therefore, these businesses are not overwhelmed by the surge in customers. For instance, Amazon reached holiday season profits during the pandemic. However, this situation was a nightmare for businesses that could not handle the pressure. This explains why there is still a high demand for the DevOps market. The need for digital transformation has become obvious but it is important to notice that this process cannot happen overnight. It demands the involvement of all the departments within a company, but it will have everlasting effects on its quality and efficiency and DevOps is the only way to ensure the smooth transition of this process. 

Coronavirus has impacted many aspects of our daily lives especially our businesses, but it reinforced the DevOps role as a high demand job in the IT market. Most organizations have realized the importance of digital transformation and that’s why they are trying to implement this process immediately. DevOps is the only way to make this transition as smooth and effortless as possible.  

Although we have had hard days during this pandemic, it made us realize how important IT technology is and how it helps the survival of our businesses. IT has saved many people from losing their jobs by allowing them to work from home and this has made it survive and thrive in a deadly pandemic. 

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