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How to Make Your Article Marketing Campaign Social and Successful

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How to Make Your Article Marketing Campaign Social and Successful

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To have a really successful article marketing campaign, you need to combine old school  internet marketing  techniques with social and conversational marketing.

articles How To Make Your Article Marketing Campaign Social and Successful

Six Vital Ingredients to Your Article Campaign:

It goes without saying, that you can’t have a campaign without having an

1. audience,

2. knowledge about that audience and

3. knowledge of that product or service. You also need knowledge of the

4. keywords that can be successful in reaching that market,

5. know how to write an effective article and

6. how to get them to take action.

Find Your Audience

You may think that you have a great product on your hands but it is only as great as the number of people interested in it.  If your desire is to make sales, you need to find out that there is a market for what you are trying to promote. Any article marketing campaign has to have an audience if it is going to work.  Do your research and see how much is sold and how great the demand is.

Tip:  use comparison sites, social media searches and Google to check out your audience and find groups of people who are interested.  Ask questions in forums.

Find out about your Audience

Now that you have established that there is an audience for your article marketing campaign it is time for you to educate yourself about them. Find out who they are, where they live, where they look for information and where they shop. Investigate their buying behaviors and look to see what things are working in capturing sales from that group. Make sure that you are able to write in a style that is on their level and that will appeal to them.

Research your Product or Service

Knowing about that audience is great but to make your article marketing campaign successful you must know about that product/service.  If you are trying to set yourself up as an authority on the subject, but don’t really know about it, you will get found out!  You have to know what you are talking about before people will listen to you and want your services.

Keywords are Key

Find out what gets results and what will get you on page one. Your articles aren’t going to be doing any good if the search engines don’t notice them, or if your customers are not searching for them.   Use social media to observe the language that people use when talking about your product.  Twitter search is good for this.   Find the best keywords and plan on using them.

Effective Articles

The most important part of your article writing campaign is the writing of the article. Make sure that you have a title that will get picked up by search engines and will catch the readers attention. Make sure that it answers the key questions that your target market is likely to ask. Keep it short, about 300-600 words, making sure that you meet the minimum word requirements for the directories you wish to be published in.

Call To Action

WordPress How To Make Your Article Marketing Campaign Social and SuccessfulAlso make sure that you ask the reader to do what you want them to do.  You can have a strong call to action at the end of the article, like:

Article marketing, blogging, social media  and how to set up your website are all part of my 5 day WordPress Courses Training.  Contact me for more information.

Post your article links on social media platforms and call to action there too.  This can be more conversational and language appropriate for each platform.  This is a great way to get people to find your blog.


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