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How-to Manage Multiple Tasks

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How-to Manage Multiple Tasks

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How many times during the day do you multitask? Unfortunately multitasking is inevitable. The risk here is that as a result of multitasking, none of your tasks may be completed. Some of the negative consequences of multitasking are:

  • Time spent on switching from one task to another is a waste of time.
  • Each task may demand more time to be completed when multitasking, rather than completing one task at a time.
  • You get tired quicker. Unfocused attention takes more energy, therefore making it harder for you to concentrate.
  • Missed deadlines and incomplete tasks.
  • Tasks begin to overflow as your new tasks start pilling on top of your older incomplete tasks.

This creates work chaos and that is why multitasking is bad.

“…you can’t get rid of multitasking. It’s a natural part of work and life…”

Multitasking: the inevitable evil

You can’t get rid of multitasking. It’s a natural part of work and life. You only need to know how to handle it. If you know how to walk and eat, you will surely be able to cope with multitasking. So the question remains: how do we better handle multiple tasks?

Set priorities. Get rid of what you don’t need:

  1. No multi-management = no multitasking. One boss, one source of getting tasks;
  2. Before getting started, make plan. Approve timing and deadlines with your team and superiors;
  3. Use weekly briefs instead of daily scrums (if you’re not a programmer);
  4. Get the things done!
  5. PROFIT! :)

Comindware: How we’re solving it.

If you took this general advice, you have probably already made a plan. Here is my plan for the future blog topics:

Managing multiple tasks

It’s my plan. As you can see, I have a lot of blog entries to write. The only disadvantage here is that no one can see this excel file but me. No one can see status updates and no one knows where I am now. To make things worse, this plan has no common action items with the plans of my fellow team members, even though we work in tight collaboration.

I need a work machine to execute my plan. So I took this plan and put it into Comindware Tracker.

Plan in Execution

Multiple tasks with Comindware

This is just an example and I have a couple of blurred tasks, but if you look at the image above, can you tell what am I doing now? When will the task be finished? Do I have things that I will do next?

Comindware is an online workflow and task management solution. That is why anybody who needs to see my plan, tasks execution and who is working with me on tasks can do this at any time. It’s nothing like a single-standing excel plan because now it all comes out of the closet and is open for my coworkers and superiors to see:

  1. When I am going to finish tasks.
  2. What I am going to do next.
  3. Deadlines.
  4. Priorities.
  5. Percent completed.
  6. Team collaboration: after I complete my task, work items go to the next team player, automatically.

By using a tool like Comindware Tracker, I am sure I will get my quarterly bonuses rather easily, because I know exactly what has been completed.

Comindware Tracker reduces the pain in multitasking:

  • You have an online plan, with deadlines and priorities.
  • It’s transparent and visible to your whole team, including your manager.
  • Reduce unneeded communication and increase the amount of work done.
Comindware helps you manage your daily work tasks and saves you from multitasking because it reduces around-work interactions, saves you time for work and focuses you on work.

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