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How to Monitor End User Experience with AppDynamics

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How to Monitor End User Experience with AppDynamics

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If you already use AppDynamics to measure end user experience and performance for your web applications, or if you are in the market for monitoring software, you might want to check out this blog post from AppDynamics about monitoring real end user experience with its software.

AppDynamics has a 15-day free trial, so if you want to follow along with (the author of the article) Tom Levey's overview, you can sign up for the trial here

The software includes a dashboard with a lot of information that breaks down your demographics into geographic regions and shows which regions are experiencing the highest or lowest load and response times or errors, and what time of day they tend to occur. The software also visualizes the browsers and devices from which your users are accessing your app.

More importantly, if you have slow response times the software can break down and help you troubleshoot the problem, and organizes the total response time into the following categories:

  • First byte size
  • Server connection time
  • Response available time
  • Front-end time
  • Document ready time
  • Document download time
  • Document processing time
  • Page render time

The software also includes JavaScript error detection, and lets you dive deep into the execution in the data center with detailed browser snapshots.

You can check out more of AppDynamics' overview here.

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