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How to Protect Your Important Data with DropBox Encryption

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How to Protect Your Important Data with DropBox Encryption

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If your business hasn't started using DropBox yet, then it should. You'd be surprised how many efficiency savings it can make in the workplace. Remember how difficult sharing large files used to be? Saving to disk, or printing out huge documents - you don't have to bother with time consuming things like that any more. Cloud computing is here to stay. While there are loads of reasons why the cloud is good for your business, it needs to be used with care. We're going to look at how DropBox encryption services like Sookasa can take your data protection to the next level.

Why is cloud storage so useful anyway?

Collaborative projects have never been easier. Now you can allow employees work together from different locations, and this presents a lot of benefits for your business. Letting people work from home is a great way to reward staff and cut overheads. Keeping people "at work" in the office can cost money. If you let more of your staff work from home - you can cut overheads and allow hot-desking. That saves space - and money.

Remember how difficult sending important documents to clients used to be? Whether you're burning a DVD and sending it by a courier, or printing out some files and taking them to the other side of town yourself - you don't have to do that anymore. The great thing about the cloud is - not only does it make it easier to send the file in the first place, but the recipient can easily make changes and send it straight back. It can be worked on in real time, and this breaks down so many barriers when it comes to working on large projects.

How the cloud protects your data

Some people are reluctant to use cloud storage for important files because you're relying on someone else to look after your data. But this is actually a benefit rather than a drawback. You don't have to rely on your own employees to make security updates - this is all taken care of for you by professionals. It's also safer should your premises become compromised - you've still got access to your important files because they were held off-site rather than in a filing cabinet.

Your data will be backed up and fully encrypted, making it much safer than keeping it in the office.

Why DropBox encryption is so important

With DropBox encryption, you can take your protection to the next level by restricting an monitoring access to certain files, and at certain times. That means if you no longer want a certain employee to have access, you can remotely revoke it. This makes it so much easier when allowing staff to take DropBox enabled computers off-site. If something goes wrong (a lost laptop) you don't need to lose your important files, too. DropBox encryption means you've always got control of your documents, whether you lose access to certain computers or not.


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