How QSight IT Is Using Big Data to Increase Security

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How QSight IT Is Using Big Data to Increase Security

We all know that cybersecurity can use a facelift. Can Big Data serve as the panacea to our current woes? One company thinks so.

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We've just published our most recent case study! This one gives an in-depth look at how QSight IT (QSight), an IT company based in the Netherlands, is gaining a clearer picture of security threats and is able to process their data more quickly.

QSight has an absolute focus on networking, security, storage, and cloud. Its teams of security and network professionals use techniques such as Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to detect early cyber threats, neutralize the threat, and manage IT-efficiently.

The company has embarked on a Big Data journey to help solve the business challenges presented by the growth and diversity of data, and the speed with which data needs to be processed. QSight's previous methods allowed it to identify threats, but the company had no way of determining the potential impact of security-related events. The more information that is available, the more refined the risk assessment can be.

Big Data Solution

To do this, the company needed to leverage Big Data to gain the necessary insights on security threats. QSight chose Hadoop as its Big Data solution. Rather than taking the whole data set and determining there was a security risk within it, QSight needed the ability to mitigate risks and monitor them at a more granular level.

With the insights from Big Data, QSight can assess each virus and create a plan for which solutions need to be prioritized. This helps fix the biggest problems first and prevents wasting unnecessary time and money to fix minor issues.

The nature of having a continuous stream of data with high velocity meant that the only way it'd be able to do so would be through using Hortonworks Data Platform.

"The good thing about the road we chose is that it doesn't matter what source the data is from or what purpose the data has, we can connect it to the platform and be able to monitor what's important to our customers," said Niels Steinissen, Manager of Research & Development at QSight.

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