How Real-Time Collaboration Can Affect Project Management Exponentially

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How Real-Time Collaboration Can Affect Project Management Exponentially

There comes a moment when you simply need to implement a simple project management software designed to take care of certain issues.

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A typical employee spends around eight hours at work each day. During their working hours, employees don’t even spend half of their time on their primary tasks. So, what are they doing with the rest of their time? Some of this time is spent on managing emails, some of it goes on interruptions which are completely irrelevant to their current work, and some of it is wasted on unproductive meetings where almost nothing gets done or set in motion.

Employees lose over one-third of their every workday to poor internal communication methods. This is something absolutely frightening, as organizations need to learn how to operate more efficiently and not waste their time and other valuable resources. However, with a simple project management software solution, this can all be changed and business organizations can expect to improve their productivity by almost 50%.

What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is typically a cloud-based tool that allows companies to put their projects on a board and manage, change, or update them in a simple way. The reasons why these tools are cloud-based are:

  • They don’t have to be installed and maintained on site.
  • They can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

When your company becomes serious, it cannot simply manage all of its work using simple to do lists. These lists become a huge monster that can be unmanageable. Additionally, when there is a whole team working on them, there can be a lot of confusion and miscommunication that can create chaos within your whole enterprise. This is the moment when you simply need to implement a simple project management software designed to take care of these kinds of issues. Now, let’s get to the actual benefits.

Better Communication

Given the fact that the project is shared with everyone who needs to be a part of it, it’s already a major improvement of the whole organization. Everyone knows what his or her assignments are and there is no confusion when it comes to which tasks are whose. Additionally, everyone can see which changes have been made, by whom, and they can instantly comment on something they don’t like if something is wrong, if there are mistakes, etc.

People can easily suggest changes and display them visually, meaning other employees working on the same project can see them and understand them in a better way. This improves the collaboration between employees in great measure. This is all done in real-time and information gets shared quickly amongst everyone involved in a project, as they are notified in some way, depending on the software used.

Remote Collaboration

Given the fact that most project management tools are cloud-based, it means that they can be accessed by anyone who has permissions from anywhere, anytime. Sometimes, it is important that the people working on a project get together instantly for a brief period of time so that they can work through some issues and move the project to the next level.

This is what online project management tools allow employees to perform. While performing their tasks, they can make a quick break and discuss problematics, logistics or anything else, and come up with a solution together briefly. Creating project meetings for each of these small problematics is non-effective and employees waste a lot of time.

Instead, they can do this using their project management tools no matter where they are located at that moment. For example, if a person essential for a project is away on a business trip, he or she can easily access the tool and give the necessary feedback so that the project can continue.

They Save Valuable Time

There are countless ways project management tools can save time for your employees. The first, most obvious way is that there is no need for calling meetings, as all the people involved in a project can discuss issues through the software empowered with visual presentations and communication options. There is no need for people going back and forth meeting each other randomly. This way, everyone is on the same page and is updated with all important things about a certain project.

The need for confusing and long email conversations is also removed, as people can share diagrams that can quickly explain everything and people can also work on them in real-time. Simply put, communication is more effective and the information that flows from one person to another is more clear and precise.

Employees Are More Productive

With improved communication and better collaboration, and without having to waste time on unimportant things, employees can focus on their tasks and perform them more efficiently. There will be no doubts in their minds about what they should do or how to do it.

Even if this happens, they can simply view their tasks on the platform and remind themselves of what their top priority is. If not, they can simply ask their colleagues to clarify something on the project bar and they’ll get a quick answer concerning what needs to be done. Furthermore, they can do all of these things from anywhere; they just need an internet connection to continue their work.

Less Mistakes

Project management software gives the user a clear view of all the processes and steps that were finished or are ongoing. This means that all mistakes can be spotted early on and fixed in a timely manner before the whole project has advanced too far and those mistakes become costly, in terms of both money and time.

This means that you won’t have to go five steps backward and start things all over again. Instead, make small changes when needed. No mistake will go unnoticed and cause serious problems for the whole business organization.

These are all the major benefits of real-time collaboration within a business organization. Additionally, all of these benefits will help a company save a lot of money. On top of that, employees will get used to similar tools very quickly. It will only be a matter of time before they all fall in love with this way of doing things. You will have a happy team that will enjoy collaborating together.

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