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How to Reuse Tiles Definitions Using Wildcard

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If you are developing a project in Java/J2EE and using Tiles then you are aware of Tiles definition XML file. Being a templating framework, Tiles used one definition per view to render output. User can extend this definition with a defined template so all the common pages will be rendered by the template but still you need one definition per jsp.

Consider a scenario where you have three user roles (admin, manager, and employee) and for each you have created a separate jsp. With this requirement you might end up with such tiles definitions.

<definition name="user/admin" extends="DefaultTemplate">
  <put-attribute name="body"   value="/views/admin.jsp"/>

<definition name="user/manager" extends="DefaultTemplate">
  <put-attribute name="body"   value="/views/manager.jsp"/>

<definition name="user/employee" extends="DefaultTemplate">
  <put-attribute name="body"   value="/views/employee.jsp"/>

Tiles v2.2 comes with the wildcard character support in definitions name. With the above scenario, we can make these three definitions into one using wildcard.

<definition name="user/*" extends="DefaultTemplate">
  <put-attribute name="body"   value="/views/{1}.jsp"/>

Spring configuration xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns="http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans"
	<mvc:annotation-driven />
	<mvc:default-servlet-handler />
	<mvc:resources mapping="/resources/**" location="/resources/" />

	<!-- Forwards requests to the "/" resource to the "index" view -->
	<mvc:view-controller path="/" view-name="index" />
	<mvc:view-controller path="user/admin" view-name="user/admin" />
	<mvc:view-controller path="user/manager" view-name="user/manager" />
	<mvc:view-controller path="user/employee" view-name="user/employee" />
	<bean id="viewResolver" 
	<bean id="tilesConfigurer" 
		<property name="definitions">


I have used Spring MVC to integrate Tiles and used Spring view controller to avoid creating java Controller.


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