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How Rollbar Is Helping Developers Monitor Errors in Real-Time

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How Rollbar Is Helping Developers Monitor Errors in Real-Time

Four new features in Rollbar provide real-time monitoring and visibility for developers and DevOps to monitor errors in real time.

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Thanks to Brian Rue, Co-founder and CEO of Rollbar, provider of real-time error monitoring Software as a Service, for taking me through the four new features they've added for developers and DevOps: 

  • Error Merging: Rollbar users can now "merge" duplicate errors into groups to reduce noise, a common problem in monitoring and logging tools. This reduces millions of error notices by 99.9% with an algorithm that continues to improve performance over time.

  • Telemetry: Using telemetry, developers can now see a timeline of events that happened leading up to an error to help them debug faster. Based on user feedback, this is a real boon for developers building complex client-side apps.

  • Encryption at Rest:  Rollbar now encrypts all data at rest at the application level, and each project gets its own key, creating an extra security layer on top of disk encryption providing security at both the machine and disk level.

  • AWS Lambda support: Developers building apps on Lambda can now get richer, more granular information on errors than what's possible through AWS alone gaining the same visibility as they have on their servers and containers.

"We saw that many companies developing software rapidly, yet reliably, had turned to Rollbar to provide the visibility they need to remediate issues that inevitably occur with such a rapid pace", said Salil Deshpande, Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures, Palo Alto. "With alerting, detecting, grouping, and diagnosing of errors in production mobile and web apps, and integration with CI/CD systems while protecting sensitive data, Rollbar is well positioned to become the error-management platform of choice for engineering teams large and small."

Production mobile and web apps encounter errors all the time, many of which go undetected when they could be automatically and systematically tracked and squashed. Typically, companies don't know users are having a problem until those users contact the Customer Support department - and many of them never do that. Errors in software are costly to fix when not detected early.

Rollbar enables developers and DevOps teams to monitor errors in real-time as new software is deployed, notify the right team of an error, and provide rich contextual data for debugging the error faster before end users even notice or report it.

With Rollbar, engineering teams can detect application errors and resolve them quickly post deploys, allowing them to practice Continuous Delivery with confidence and without compromising on security. Rollbar protects sensitive data, being fully compliant with industry standards such as ISO 27001 and HIPAA.

“Rollbar is setting the DevOps stage for an inevitable cloud-native movement that we are just starting to experience as a market,” said Edwin Yuen, research analyst, ESG. “With Rollbar’s real-time approach to error monitoring, and ability to continue to innovate ahead of the curve, the company’s is well positioned to capture this evolving market.”

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