How to Run WordPress on Azure Websites for Free

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this article is part of the running wordpress on microsoft’s azure public cloud–the series

azure1 running wordpress on azure is cost effective, scalable, and easy! in this article we will go step by step in creating a wordpress blog on azure. we are using azure web sites to create this wordpress site so it will continue to run for free even after your 90 day trial has expired. you can run up to 10 free azure websites with this account. the one limitation of the free account is that your dns name is fixed. that means i would have to use instead of my address. this is easily changed by upgrading to a paid subscription.

create a web site in the portal

  1. create an azure free trial account. click this link for details on creating your 90 day trial account

  2. login to the windows azure management portal .

  3. click on the “web sites” section in the left side column.


  4. click the new icon on the bottom left of the dashboard.
    create new

  5. click the web site icon, and click from gallery .

    create from gallery

  6. locate and click wordpress in list, select it and then click next .

    wordpress from list

  7. on the configure your app page, enter or select values for all fields:

    • enter a url name of your choice
    • leave create a new mysql database selected in the database field
    • select the region closest to you


  8. then click next .

  9. on the create new database page, you can specify a name for your new mysql database or use the default name. select the region closest to you as the hosting location. select the box at the bottom of the screen to agree to cleardb’s usage terms for your hosted mysql database. then click the check to complete the site creation.

    create database

after you click complete windows azure will initiate build and deploy operations. while the web site is being built and deployed the status of these operations is displayed at the bottom of the web sites page. after all operations are performed, a final status message when the site has been successfully deployed. it usually takes less than a minute.

launch and manage your wordpress site

  1. click on your new site from the web sites page to open the dashboard for the site.

    launch dashboard

  2. on the configure tab to change your php version from 5.3 to 5.4.


  3. on the dashboard management page, scroll down and click the link on the left under site url to open the site’s welcome page.

    site url

  4. enter appropriate configuration information required by wordpress and click install wordpress to finalize configuration and open the web site’s login page.


  5. login to the new wordpress web site by entering the username and password that you specified on the welcome page.

  6. you’ll have a new wordpress site that looks similar to the site below.


have fun check out the rest of the series on what you can do next.
this article is part of the running wordpress on microsoft’s azure public cloud–the series

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