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How Sharing Reports in BlazeMeter Helps Developers Collaborate

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How Sharing Reports in BlazeMeter Helps Developers Collaborate

See why the report sharing feature in BlazeMeter is so popular with developers for collaboration between developers.

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SignalFx is the only real-time cloud monitoring platform for infrastructure, microservices, and applications. The platform collects metrics and traces across every component in your cloud environment, replacing traditional point tools with a single integrated solution that works across the stack.

One of the favorite BlazeMeter features is sharing reports. This means sending and presenting online and interactive performance test results to people who did not run the test themselves, but can find the information useful.

Sharing test reports helps developers and performance engineers:

  • Get more people involved in the testing and analysis process
  • Present their work to colleagues
  • Create product and employee reports for higher level executives

For managers, the ability to see reports gives them visibility into the product and in the team and helps them manage tasks and people better.

Our customers use sharing reports to:

  • Share test results with product managers, to reflect the development progress.
  • Work together within development scrum teams to analyze KPIs together.
  • Provide visibility into development and product status, through summarized executive reports.

Sharing BlazeMeter reports is easy. There are three types of reports you can share:

Sharing Performance Testing Reports

1. Click on the Share button at the top right corner of the report section.

2. Toggle 'Sharing for this report' to ON and then copy the generated shareable link.

Sharing API Testing Reports

To share a Functional API report, click on 'Share' as seen in the screenshot below:

Learn more from here.

Getting an Executive Summary

To get an Executive Summary, click on the following button:

Learn more from here.

By the way, you don't need a BlazeMeter account to view the reports.

Tests are full of private data and information that shouldn't be shared with everyone, so we put security measures in place. By generating a unique link for the reports, we can ensure that sensitive test data like the files used, logs or raw data is not sent, but rather only the results.

For example, you might be using a third-party vendor to manage and run your tests for you. In that case, you want to make sure that only the relevant people have access to your information and assets, and no one else is exposed to it. Your tester's colleagues might have conflicting interests, as different employees of the same vendor might work for competing companies. In case your tester wants to consult with colleagues, she/he can use the "Shareable link", which doesn't contain scripts, data sets, logs and raw data.

To learn more about reports and other BlazeMeter features, get a demo for your team. To try out BlazeMeter for yourself, put your URL in the box below and your test will start in minutes.

SignalFx is built on a massively scalable streaming architecture that applies advanced predictive analytics for real-time problem detection. With its NoSample™ distributed tracing capabilities, SignalFx reliably monitors all transactions across microservices, accurately identifying all anomalies. And through data-science-powered directed troubleshooting SignalFx guides the operator to find the root cause of issues in seconds.

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