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How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Local Internet Marketing

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How Small Businesses Can Improve Their Local Internet Marketing

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(This article was originally posted on David Shaw's blog full of information about Conversion Rate Optimization, Online Marketing and Web Analytics.)

There Is No Rest for the Wicked

Is your company running smoothly? Are customers coming back, and your profit margin is satisfying? Do not believe for one second that you are safe. There is no time to sit back and relax, because your competitors are always on the lookout to improve their local Internet marketing strategy. If you want to survive in these troubled economic times, you have to stay on the ball, and play like the big boys do. Successful, worldly corporations do not stay on top just because they are happy with their current situation. Definitely not! They want more, and work hard on improving their reputation in order to maintain their successful position in their industry.

Embrace Electronics and Go with the Times


It is obvious from all the electronics we see around us every day that marketing strategies have changed.

As the phonebook and weekly flyers in the mail were once the number-one resource to look for great deals and product information, the modern consumer prefers to use their laptop or Smartphone. Using gadgets is faster, more convenient, and there is a lot more data they can gather from all around the world. That is an amazing benefit, which many individuals exploit when they go on vacation, and want to check out e.g. which leisure activities are available in that area. Families relocating to another city or state can also explore their new neighborhood before they have even moved. By advertising your small business on the Internet, you can grab all of these people’s attention.

Local Internet Marketing and SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technique used to attract search engines and online users. By implementing a number of strategies to improve a website, any small business can create a bigger visibility on the Web. Showing up first in search results when online users complete a query for a company like yours gives you a big advantage over your competitors. If you are not familiar with SEO, or do not have the time to study the actions you have to take to make your website more user-friendly, simply hire an online marketing company to complete the work for you. The ROI will blow you away.

Local Online Advertising for Both On- and Offline Enterprises

Do not think that because you are not selling goods and services in cyber space that you do not need a well-designed, optimized website. Nothing could be further from the truth. Men and women check out everything on the Internet, including the menu of your restaurant, the store hours of your print shop, the location of your car dealership, the services provided by a dentist, which band is playing at the local pub on the weekend, when the next carnival is in town, etc. In other words, do not alienate yourself from your customers just because you hang on to primeval marketing techniques and do not sell on the Web. Instead, spend a few dollars on a website and maintain it regularly. It shows your customers that you care about them, and that you have a good business sense. Local internet marketing is an ideal solution, for both your business, and your customers.


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