How the Industrial Internet Is Empowering IT

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How the Industrial Internet Is Empowering IT

In the new world order of IT, CIOs and technical talent are at the core of the business; imagining, building and deploying platforms and applications that are fueling growth and producing tangible financial returns for customers.

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We are in the midst of a digital industrial revolution. Analysts suspect that overall spending on Industrial IoT will reach $500 billion by 2020, with some projecting even more. A rapidly expanding ecosystem is emerging as a result — one that includes global platform operators, systems integrators, telecommunications services, technology providers, and, most importantly, a global network of developers building software and applications to help industries harness IoT to deliver outcomes faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Sitting at the heart of this ecosystem is a new vanguard of technical IT talent that is fundamentally changing the way IT is built and delivered.  In the past IT, has often been relegated to the back office, focused exclusively on keeping the infrastructure afloat and the systems running.  Success in IT was measured in uptime and projects completed, not revenue generation or customer acquisition – but times are changing.

The New World Order of IT

In the new world order of IT, CIOs and technical talent are at the core of the business; imagining, building and deploying platforms and applications that are fueling growth and producing tangible financial returns for customers. Now far removed from the back office, today’s CIO and IT technical teams find themselves in the limelight, tasked with innovating to drive competitive advantage in the market. They also continue driving the day to day traditional IT tasks that reduce inefficiencies and costs across the internal operations of the business. Just like that, IT is cool again.

In this new digital industrial world, there’s a massive influx of data generated by smart machines. Data that dwarfs what the world has seen from the consumer internet. Across aviation, energy, healthcare and more, industrial machines are generating data at exponentially greater rates than ever before. The rapid adoption of these Internet-enabled machines renders a daunting task, putting software and engineering in the driver seat to identify and develop new ways to optimize the performance of physical devices; reducing their operating costs and increasing their reliability.  The Digital Industrial needs to solve technology problems never before seen in the world in order to adapt and be successful.

The Shift In Industrial Internet Is Tranforming Businesses

At GE, this shift has led us to transform our business; for example, we’ve moved from selling single-use industrial hardware to now producing lighting solutions that combine solar, power production, LED technology all analyzed and controlled by software. This is opening up new ways for cloud software applications to help commercial, industrial and municipal customers leverage the power of digital to reduce energy usage and become more reliable, more efficient and more profitable.

GE, as the world’s largest digital industrial company, is seeing this movement within its own walls. These new opportunities and challenges require us to put the “technology" back into Information Technology. Innovative, deep technical talent is key to our success as the world’s first digital industrial company. This is why today, GE Digital is excited to announce the U.S. launch of three locations focused on growing our talent base to deliver services and operations, helping our customers succeed in the Industrial Internet. These new sites in Atlanta and Providence, combined with growth in Miami, will offer hundreds of new GE positions over the next several years and were strategically selected to help GE’s expanding digital operations:

  • In Atlanta, we will establish a Digital Operations Center to support GE’s global infrastructure operations with plans to hire system administrators, system engineers, full stack operations (DevOps) engineers, full stack engineers and service desk professionals.
  • In Miami, we will expand our existing presence to support GE’s growth in Latin America and investment in the digital experience, hiring individuals skilled in network management, localization and software engineering for apps and end user client services.
  • In Providence, we will create a new site to support the development of end-user applications and high performance computing with plans to hire software engineers, design and UX professionals along with engineers and scientists fluent in High Performance Computing and large data sets.

New employees across these locations will join the 8,000 current GE IT professionals transforming our industry, as the company remains focused on continuing to build internally the technological knowledge content, intellectual property and the real know-how to drive digital industrial innovation for GE and our customers.

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