How the Next Gen of Cybersecurity Defenses Help Companies Stay Safer

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How the Next Gen of Cybersecurity Defenses Help Companies Stay Safer

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Cybersecurity is changing in a big way. New cyberattacks are creeping every day and, in order to tackle those attacks, a massive expansion of new and improved cybersecurity defenses are being adopted by companies.

As per the Cybersecurity Ventures report, damages from cybersecurity are about to exceed around $6 trillion by 2021. The damages include the destruction of data, loss of money, loss of productivity, pilfering of intellectual property, theft of personal and financial data, deletion of hacked data and systems, and reputational harm.

Cyberattacks that companies are most likely to face in 2018 and ahead are:

  • Data-Encrypting Ransomware: One of the biggest threats faced by companies is triggered by a data-encrypting ransomware after tricking the employees to run a Trojan horse program into their systems. Most of the times, the Trojan horse predicts to be legitimate and gets past traditional security measures, like browser security pop-ups.
  • Not having up-to-date software: Companies fail to incorporate the latest software patches needed to be installed in the systems which makes it easier for the cybercriminals to sneak past the security, find breaches, and attack the user’s PC. The most common unpatched programs are the browser add-ons.
  • DDoS attacks: Distributed Denial of Service attacks has been rising considerably and some of the most notorious cybersecurity attacks have been a result of the DDoS attack. Predominantly, such attacks are used to gain access to corporate data or harm the company’s service.
  • Damage from Hacktivists: A new group of hackers known as hacktivists is taking the web by storm. They share a common political agenda and harm companies by hacking the customer information.
  • Drone-jacking: Drones have become extremely popular in the recent years. With new and improved technologies, Drones are being produced easily but with compromised security. Hackers can easily take control of the Drones and break them or make them do things they are not designed to do.

Top Tools to Combat Corporate Security Threats

Cloud Management Suite: This IT Patch Management platform operates from the cloud and provides automated patch management for all your devices either inside or outside your network. This ultimately helps IT departments to save time and money, increasing productivity. Here are the top features offered by this platform:

  • It automatically deploys required patches to endpoints, ensuring compliance with PCI/HIPPA requirements, while protecting every endpoint inside the network.
  • It keeps desktops, laptops, and remote users up-to-date with the latest Microsoft and third-party software updates and security patches — before you even know there is a problem.
  • The platform distributes new software packages to one or many endpoints automatically. The software minimizes network bandwidth even when deploying large applications to thousands of endpoints from the cloud.
  • The advanced and user-friendly reports give you the information you need easily, without learning complex reporting software. Business-level reporting and dashboards help it track assets.

Darktrace: It is the world’s leading, enterprise-grade AI that automatically detects and fights back against the most advanced cyber threats. The Darktrace enterprise immune system is based on the self-learning intelligence of the human immune system. The technology continually adapts to new forms of threats. Here are some of the top features offered by this platform:

  • The Darktrace threat visualizer offers a real-time 3D notification interface for displaying threat alerts. With the help of the alerts, analysts can proactively investigate specific areas of the infrastructure.
  • With the help of effective machine learning, any abnormal activity across the network gets automatically detected. This self-learning capability is transformative, allowing organizations to embrace interconnected networks while defending their critical data and reputation.

Claroty: It is the most comprehensive platform for industrial security. The software allows engineers, operators, and cybersecurity professionals to protect the most complex industrial networks. Here are some of the top features offered by Claroty:

  • The platform is powered by CoreX Technology that ensures safe operations for large industrial networks. The technology employs advanced, behavior-based anomaly detection and sophisticated pattern matching that is able to identify any trace of malicious activity.
  • Continuous threat detection is possible with the help of real-time view of network topology, connections, and traffic flow for both Ethernet and serial networks.
  • The secured remote access provides a single, manageable interface that allows all external users to easily connect before any software upgrades or periodic maintenance.


A proactive approach to cyber defense is needed considering the increase in vulnerability of networks and devices of today’s IT infrastructure. New threats are being identified every day and it is the responsibility of corporate analysts and security experts to continuously monitor and upgrade the security defense of their organizations.

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